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Wake up those chinese girls! [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: curiosity

ilunga statement pretty much speak for themselves.

Notices the baseness of each word.  

He is man at his most pathetic state.

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Reply: girls are not always victims in a relationship

fioretta describes being "happy" in the modren period, how sad

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they won't be waken up by your post here

the special group are already intoxicated, they are enjoying their lifestyle right now, and won't regret until it's too late.

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Reply: Open-minded does not mean open-sexual

buxiang, your observation about he use of the term ”Open-minded” are correct.

”Open-minded” does not mean, open to new ways of seeing the world, open to learning the truth, open to pursing the path less traveled, open to exploring your potential …

“Open-minded” as used here really means little more the “open legs”.

As I have written here before, American woman have had freedom for a long time.  The chose the freedom the have sex over the using the freedom to become the best person they are capable.  That is why almost every woman engineer I work with is from China, Korea, and India where woman were or are not free.  

America woman sound so silly when they complain that discrimination prevents them from being engineers.  But it guess is hard to study engineering when you have semen in your eyes from your latest “lover”.

Soon Chinese woman will go the way of the White whore.

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Reply: open-minded about sex

some whores feel the need to glamorize their whoring so other will become whores.  Then the old whore can say: “everybody is does it”

I’m not complaining though, if woman want to get on their hands and knees for a trinket, so be it.  

No matter what the woman thinks, she was nothing but a semen toilet.  Any orifice will do.   

You can try to romanticize it all you want.

You can decorate it in postmodernism terms like “freedom”, “open minded”, “equality”,  …

But when it is all over, the woman has been screwed, figuratively and literally.

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Reply: back in middle age

Yes, why should a woman respect her husband or parents.  Come to think of it, she should not even respect her children.  And most of all, she should not respect herself.  

China needs to modernize!

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Reply: fioretta--Hey, you should read my post carefully before you post here!


Sooner or later fioretta will learn.  Anybody that knows her will not love her.  Sure, all the cool guys, tell her, “do the nasty” it the modern thing to do.  But when she hits 35 or so, she will realize those same guys are looking for a girl that is not a whore.  Then fioretta will start lying about her past.  But her course and abrasive personality, developed over years of being screwed (literally and figuratively) by men,  will be betray her.  At that point she will start talking about adopting (since she can’t have her own) and child and become a single mom.  This is the modern America tragedy awaiting the new Chinese woman.

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