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Do you think India will be more powerful than China in the next 50 years [Copy link] 中文

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because they have more hidden potential or something

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mmmmmmm let me see.......

....okay food is 30% of economy, the base of any economy - why you dont eat, you die....okay the Chinese eat anything that crawls while the Indian eats vegetarian becoz some smart alec mystic decided on this path once upon a time.................

India will be strong, but wealthier than China, mmmmmm

Yoda thinks again, will take a lot of work from the Indian nation to catch up. The teeming poor, made poor by their ARYAN conquerors who started to use "Discriminatorial policies" to protect themselves, and they started to believe in their own propaganda.......mmmmmmm

heck, as the Jews in Israel got the "God of many ways" icon, i am sure the Indians can figure a way out......mmmmmm

It is an enlightened age, let's see how they will catch up.....


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This is a good question, one I don't have a clear answer to.

China's per capita income will be higher than India's.  India's population will be larger than China's.  China's population policies and it's focus on menial jobs its poor people can do is a winning combination.

India's colleges and universities, especially their technical schools, are some of the best in the world, and are, on average, better than China's.  Even IIT graduates in the USA are very highly respected and paid.  But India has no population control policies, and although it's growing well, it's the source of he next population boom on the planet.

China is better organized to raise the living standards of all Chinese.  The focus on resource development (water, electricity, etc.) is stronger and China has jobs that poor people can learn and do.  India has water challenges and has gone high end for the income scales, without planning for the low-skill, low wage jobs that its people will need.

India is a vast, unruly democracy that unites only under its political concepts.  China is an aincient culture whose maijority ethinicity, the Han Chinese, comprise about 90% of the 1.3 billion country.  In sports, that's called having a team with a deep bench.

One possibiity not talked about is the combination fo India and China.  You ask who will be more powerful between the two, maybe you are an American.  Ask yourself who will be more powerful than India and China combined?

Such collaroration would not be under one flag of either nation, or the blue flag of the UN.  Special efforts can adopt their own symbols and leave the western laurels of the UN behind.  A few stalks of rice on a background of green would contrast well with the laurel status head dress of ancient western civilization that's seen on the UN flag.

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Matt, if really want to do a better comparison, okay lets get technical.....

You wanted to compare America, China and India, Rite?

Okay lets do it.

Land:  China 1.5 person/hectare, America 0.25 person/hectare, India 3.0 person/hectare.

Water resources: liters/person ?????

Energy resources: coal, oil, gas, hydro, nuclear, biomass????

Consumption of steel, non ferrous, etc.

Financial markets to create the "money" to buy the commodity.

The Driver of consumption - urbanization, automotive, travel km/year/person.......

Legal system to protect the wealth of the individual, legal system to allow the liquidity of the assets accumulated by the individual.

Ability of the state to mint money, get it used, and reinvested back into your own Rmb needs to be used to purchase raw materials, the money would return back as investment in how is lifestyle and popular culture...

language and ability to connect with major industrial, commodity, financial power houses in the Mandarin, Cantonese, English, French, German, Spanish......

Trained manpower and companies that can utilize those manpower (it is useless to have 1.0 million engineers when you can only employ 1/3 of them..)

the market footprint - to buy the higher value products....

I still say, MAJOR IMPEDIMENTS detected....(no market for the engineers?....ah America is organizing the world to solve the problem, getting the indians to become software engineers, man the call center, do the back office work for 1/10 that in America?) - a US$300 billion industry ......or 30 million Indian graduates to be the driven of the Indian 1/2 of the trained cream in IT...mmmmm Yoda is interested in American plans....

If you look at World bank ranking, China is no.3, Europe Union no.1, United States No.2.....India is no.6 or 7?

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They have more internal problems. Even if India formally is a democracy, they have an abominable cultural weakness, including the caste system and too much religious heritage.

China has to overcome the democracy threshold, but other than that China has its feet on the ground, and everything is in place for a transition to superpower status.

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matt605: Great analysis

The deep bench analogy is a good one.  India and China working together.......sounds like Hu welcomes it as he does with many other Asian nations.  It's a pretty logical combination.   If I had to name one nation that has the potential to overtake China's explosive growth, India would be my first answer.

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I expect India to become stronger. But as for  when she will surpass China, it still remains a mystery hard to solve.

If India is determined to surpass China in the next 50 years, there's awful lot of work for her to do.

But then I think what's the point of doing so? You just need to go on with your life, mind your own business then good stuff happens!

I have an advice for India--Work hard ,work hard and work hard cos we are working hard!

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