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25 years Chinese woman and 58 years white man: Can love work out? [Copy link] 中文

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English 101 for Cabrona Selrahca the resident exhibitionist

Check for grammatical screw-ups in your posts below:


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  Awoman, please use you judgement, there are too many preverts here like Cogito, an sex offender, ignore him. LOVE is an individual thing !!
Michael Jackson has a autoimmuno disease. It is very common among blacks, around 1%.

So do not judge him by the skin colour,

2005-05-04 15:53


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  Let me explain to you about "GOING TO THE MOVIE IN AMERICA AND CHINA"
Ms. Awoman, CHINA has 1.3 billion people and very little space for privacy and so often couples go to see a movie and touch each others in the dark. I have seen these all the times in CHINA.

But in America, there are a lot of space and privacy, so there is no need to do things "IN THE DARK" in the cinema. I go to see a movie with my friends. We go there for fun , have a coke and popcorns. That's the differences.

If America has 2 billion people and no space for privacy, then they may do the same things as in CHINA.

They do that too in the 1960 in the drive through theatres when high school kids engaged in heavy petting and kissing and having sex when they are inside the Chevy while "looked" like they were actually giving a show instead going to a movie to see a "show" !

Don;t worry my grammer, my grammmer does not kill people. Ms. Cogito has a fixation on me and try to cum all over me. She is my ex- and like many American woman, she Ms Cogito can not resist my old flames.

Bye Ms. Cogito ! hahah

2005-05-04 16:19


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Don't judge the spelling or grammar stuff as long as you can understand what ppl are saying. I guess you CAN since you figure out the problems.
good teacher!

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"Chinese guys are so wierd here. They are not confident and not trusting pretty girls, thinking that those girls will go for U.S. citizens anyway at the end of the day."

Yes, that is weird.

Which city are you studying in?

I went to school in southern California. I never saw anything like.

Aren't there attractive Chinese guys among "the dozens" in your shcool that might interest you?

Why don't you ask your male friend to introduce?  You can also initiate dates if your dating partners are shy for various reasons.

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He is not tall and carries weight- Translation. Short and Fat

If that makes a guy cute to be short and fat. I guess bieng a 6'4 (194cm) body builder makes me ugly.

Listen sweety. You can do better, alot better than some old, overweight and short guy.

For the love of god, its like marrying my father!

Anyways, I assume you are in the US now?

selrahc, you know what pervert means, let alone how to spell it. Because if you don't, I'll be more than happy to tell you what pervert means as cogito remarks are not perverted!

I don't think that this woman is in "love", but feels rejected by other men of her age that she forces herself to have feelings for this old guy.

When I used to live in Florida, I dated this good looking Phillipina (and even planned to move to California together) but when I told her that one of the reasons I was goin to Cali was to be an actor. The next day she dumped for some old, overweight, ugly white guy.

Like xiaolifeidao said, this is appears to be a inferiority complex among Asian woman.

When I moved out here to cali, I have been in Los Angeles for well over 6 months now. The majority of Asian (Sino) - White relationships are Asian (mainly Chinese) dating old, fat and ugly guys.

I felt bad when she dumped for someone less than me thinking it was my fault somehow, but after seing what Asian woman date here in Los Angeles than hearing about your story.

I don't feel bad anymore because the problem is with you (Asian woman) having an inferiority complex and not me.

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Ms Cogito, please re-visit my post, Ms. Cogito, Prevert, this is about Awoman no

Ms Awoman, this is your thread, please ignore those people keep attacking others.

This is a little premature but just like a normal couple, go out on a date and go to do fun things, go bowling, fishing, see a movie.

Now you can compare about a white man and a chinese man about going to see a movie.

I will explain to you the difference.

<<please re-visit my post about Michael Jackson>>>>>

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Mixed Advice

Give the old fat guy a try, better than a 6.4" ego.

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awoman - grammar etc

Cabrona selrahca claims that she lives in US her entire life. A rotten banana, that is.

But she still can't get her grammar right.

This shows how undereducated she truly is.

If you read this FLR forum a little more, you will find out cabrona selrahca has been boasting about her nonexisting sexual escapades all over the board.

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