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I'm glad you don't want to kick me out. I try to be polite to everyone, though I have to admit the deteriorating situation on this BBS has made me visit less in the last month or so.

About the lav incident. Well you know there's another reason why they do that. It's to stop people having sex in public places and doing drugs. He's not to know what you're up to - all he knows is that you've been in there a long time and are stopping other people using the facilities.

I'm sorry if it shook you, but that is hardly a traumatic experience. Unless you're saying that he was especially rude or actually threw you out on your ear. If not, then you seem to being overreacting a bit. The British Police are regarded to be some of the most friendly and considerate in the whole of Europe, if not the whole world. I have not met a single person (in real life), GB citizen or foreigner who has complained about their behaviour.

A policeman hurrying people in the toilets up is not considered impolite here, especially if they've been there for over 10 minutes. A toilet is not your private personal space, it's a public facility that people need to share and not monopolise.

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well, I'll be darned

Of course not, like I said, this forum gives an equitable platform to everyone.  

The Chinese are actually the people enjoying freedom of speech these days.  

Talking about that episode: an experience can become traumatic only if you aren't accustomed to it.  I guess you have quite a different perspective from mine.

Time limits imposed on the use of public places should be accompanied by a public notice. In that case they should have a tick-tock clock in the lavatory telling people that their ten minutes are up and no more.

What they do at that precise moment is their business --- tissue paper permitting.

I don't know about you but I am pretty sure many people need to go in for more than ten minutes.  At that age I wasn't even aware of what else people COULD do there.  Even now I can't visualize the other possibilities.

That's the "problem" -- many Chinese from straight families weren't aware of the unusual sexual practices of laowais, and didn't think too much of them at all.

Okay, I'll leave you right here and let you get back to Ubie.

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Ten minutes isn't enough?

Firstly I'm surprised you never knew people used public conveniences to do drugs and such. Then again toilets are often so dirty in China I can imagine they'd want to go somewhere else to do that :)

Oh, hold on! Of course, I forgot that homosexuality and lesbianism are seen to be "Western diseases" in China. Because it's not as if there are ANY gays in China, are there? Chinese people are all good boys and girls, who never commit crime, take drugs, have pre-marital sex and are always home by 10pm so mummy can tuck them up in bed with a mug of green tea. I suppose you think immorality and criminal behaviour are also Western problems that have been imported to China, don't you?

Secondly you admitted that you realised people were using the toilets as "shelters" rather than actually using them quickly and moving on. So you can hardly blame the policeman for doing his job, can you?

Thirdly I rarely spend more than ten minutes in a toilet. I don't know, perhaps Chinese men all have chronic constipation and need a good, uninterrupted half hour on the toilet. I suppose that's what happens when you have a stick up your arse all day. You can't blame us laowais for eating plenty of fibre and having efficient digestive tracts.

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Uh uh...not necessarily the case

I don't know of anyone who times his matong visits everyday and makes sure it is not over ten minutes -- that itself is the sign of a constipatory personality or neurotic-compulsive disorder.

I mean you know the duration varies from day to day whether you are a laowai or not.  I wouldn't bet on staying the same amount of time hours after a buffet and minutes after a light meal.

Alright, I admit you probably take in more fibers than I do.  The same old saying goes: an apple a day keeps the doc away -- I believe the roughage from an appleskin provides the best natural relief.

I just don't like apples for some reason.

Now would you excuse me and let me get out of the john?

Where's mmm?

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Potty mouth

I can't say as I carry a stopwatch with me into the toilet. But I do have a vague concept of the passage of time, such that I think I would be aware if I usually spent more than 10 minutes on the bog. But of course there have been occasions when I have required a longer session. I'm sure KFC is a routine cause of queues at the public lavs in major Chinese cities.

Yes, perhaps it might be a good idea to stop talking about toilets. I was just trying to reassure you that the policeman had a legitimate reason for asking you to get out of the toilet and there was no reason to be "disturbed" by it ;)

Erm, perhaps he's actually doing something other than going to these forums, like doing something USEFUL with his time. That's why I don't give instant responses to all you guys' questions ;)

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One last duel

.....before the third musketeer returns....if that's alright with you.

No, it is not as complicated as you think.

It was simply -- felt cold and full -- went in and sat on the john ten minutes after watering -- heard a bang on the door -- opened door -- a Bobbie yelling -- I yelled back -- he said, "You want to get arrested?"  -- I said, "What for?  You see this bag?  I am a visitor to your city." -- more bad words from the Bobbie -- he sounded like he hadn't gotten his paycheck that month -- showed him my passport and left.

Bournemouth never actually became a household word as a major tourist attraction.

In retrospect, I am sure things had happened before in that place before I went there, but he should have maintained his composure and not jump to conclusions.

End of story.

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One last word

Ok, sure the policeman could have been a bit more polite. But, hey, you know British Police are human too and get annoyed sometimes. Just because they're regarded as being friendly than most nations' coppers, doesn't mean they never lose their cool ;)

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