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will chinese kungfu(功夫) decline ??what is your opinion of it ??? [Copy link] 中文

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No matter u are chinese or foreigners ,u must farmilar with chinese kungfu ------it is miraculous . but now , in my opinion ,chinese kungfu is coming down day by day .
    you know , after the emergence of BruceLi in the Hollywood , more and more people come to know chinese kungfu ,and many foreigners like it  very much .even some of them think ,everyperson in china are leap onto roofs and vault over walls-----from grandpas to children  ,..because few people know china.
           along with the innovation and opening in china ,many foreigners come to china ../  they have a further comprehension of china ..kungfu is not so mysterious as before . the aureola of kungfu bomes wan now ..
  the swordman film is the symbol of kungfu ,it directly affects the development of kungfu ..
               yes ,in the last decades ,china 's swordman film gains a huge success,and  produced lots of good films rooted in kungfu the same time ,  a set of famous actors appear ,,--------- Jacky Chen, LianjieLi ,ZidanZhen ,ZiqiongLi ,// that time is the culmination ..

          now , the films ----kungfu , hero , house of flying daggers and so on ,give me a bad impression these films ,except  exaggeration and affectation , the left is computer stunt.. i cannot seen the elegant actions like  in the movies of  Series of Huangfeihuang , Tales of Policeman.
so i was disappointed at present situations ..
             i had ever seen one commentary :  when Jacky Chen entered Hyllywood  and have the opportunity to carry forward kungfu ,but he is too old  ..this is an realistic problem the Holy Land of kungfu -----Shaolin Temple ,they are facing the same situation..

  at the same time ,the Thailand Boxing comes like a hundred of bricks .
it is a threat to chinese swordman film industry .//
          what should the chinese do ?
           how can they inherit and develop their  glorious cultural  tradition?
           we will wait and see what happens /?

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Kung Fu movies

It will be hard now to get good audiences around the world to watch real kung fu movies when there are movies like the Matrix where they can take novices and make them look like masters through the use of special effects.

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Re: Will Chinese gongfu (功夫) decline? What is your opinion of it?

十面埋伏, 英雄, 卧虎藏龙 and other modern films are technically and artistically superior to any of the older movies on the same theme. At least one can buy the exaggerations if they are brilliantly executed and are part of a story, which is seldom the case in older movies.

But it seems that 功夫 in itself has never been enough, because in virtually every movie on the theme there are people doing physically impossible things. And the "swish" sounds accompanying every beat just makes me bleed from the nose of laughter... it is soooo pathetic.

功夫 can be beuatiful, but unfortunately it rarely is. It is often the territory of high level testosterone bandits and primitve cave men.

Unfortunately for them, they have chosen the wrong fighting methid, since any old school European boxer will kick the shit out of any 功夫 fighter. Those kicks are pretty, but not very effective. A boxer's punch comes not from the arm, but from the entire body; a kick just comes from the leg.

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Chinese boxing/Western boxing

How "old school" are you talking? Go back a hundred years and European boxers more closely resembled Kung Fu fighters than they do modern boxers. Look at old footage, they used to stand very upright, head up, pelvis forward and punched from the arms not the whole body. Compare that to a modern boxer, hunched over, chin tucked in, pelvis back with punching employing the entire body. The modern style suits only powerfully built men. That is why there are weight divisions, boxers are aware that in general they can't compete out of their own weight division. Although a top modern boxer could conceivably beat a top Kung Fu fighter, at least Kung Fu skills are accessable to everyone and can be a real force equaliser for a smaller person in many situations, regardless of their own stature. You can't say the same for boxing. My opinion only, I realise there are many who will disagree.

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上次我再中国青年报读了一篇文章关于中国功夫(Chinese Martial Arts) 的发展,结果很令人担忧。

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Sorry, can someone please summarise the above in English? I do not know Chinese.

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two thing must be clear,movies just movies,kungfu just kungfu

if you want to see the real kungfu in movie,
I suggest you see the killbill vol2.wa haha

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