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Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine !! [Copy link] 中文

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I see no conflict with my post and Def. 5 in your post.

It might be hard to comprehend, but a living person will never be "holy" or "sacred", except the living emperor himself.
Upon death, every ancestor of ours will be in their sacred resting places, in spirit.
Not that the crimes commited will be justified, but simply remembered.

Those criminals are never holy nor whatever good, in my personal view neither.
That is precisely why I think the shrine is important.
NOT to praise their crimes, but to remember the fact and make sure that no-one will repeat the same crimes again.

This is my honest view and there's no cover up.
What are the lies that you say there are?
Have I ever, or any Japanese person you know, denied of the wartime atrocities Japan caused?
This is our way of paying back the crimes Japan committed.

I'm sure there is much lost in translation so please do tell. From there we can probably see a lot more that both of us misses.
You suggest like not talking and assuming what each other is probably thinking is the only way we can live together. I disagree with that too.

Accusations will never be a way of knowing truth. co-operation will.

I want your honest words on issues, not what I'm thinking behind words.
help me to help us, to help you and the countries that is China and Japan.

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<quote>If you guys believe what you are doing is ok, then go ahead, this is the way of Japanese anyway. Then don't blame your neighbors believe you are bad guys and dishonest, no honor, or whatever.</quote>

Will you stop the assusations like that?
This is MY way of thinking that I chose as a democratic civilian and your view of generalised "Japanese way" almost hurts beyond irritation. it won't help.

Issue like this so hard to understand, from both stances.
and that is precisely why we need to exchange sincere words, not hatred or pre-cooked assumptions.

What do we need, or need to get rid of, to just talk?
I see a few people like you in Japan, against China. that really aggreviate me.
hope we won't become like one of them nationalists.

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Reply: luf2004

double posted

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Reply: luf2004

"Those criminals are never holy nor whatever good, in my personal view neither." but you put them in a holy shrine, and worship them every year.

And you keep telling you are not lying.

Tell me what has lost in the translation? The Japanese words are actually Chinese words - 靖国神社. "靖国" means greatly contributed to the country, "神社" means exactly "shrine", which is for holy persons or gods.

Do I miss anything?

So here, by both Japanese words and English translation, it means the war criminals are holy or god, the reason of they are holy is, they greatly contributed the country - Japan.  

Again do I miss anything?

"Accusations will never be a way of knowing truth. co-operation will.", that is absolutely correct. So the first thing you should do is - being honest.

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Perhaps it is easier to understand it this way:

think of the German chancellor visiting Hitler's grave frequently and crying his heart out loud. What's he doing?

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I have no fixed thinking on any Japanese because I have never know anyone, and I only come to this Sino-Japan forum for few days. But what I found is, from few Japanese, include you, you guys have no real intention to have a constructive discussion. Instead, you guys love to cover up A, B, C,... Z, when A was clearly exposed, then try very hard to cover up B, C, D...Z.

When even Z could not be covered up, then saying it is hard to explain.

If I call it Japanese way, It might to too soon to draw a conclusion. However this is my true feeling about you few boys.

Check back what you have posted here - "Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine" ---- Why you ask? By basic human being common sense, IT IS WRONG.

If you have a good intention to tell us what you think we might not know some special thing in Japanese, then tell us. But don't be so rude jump into here and ask us - Why is it wrong to visit the Yasukuni Shrine.

Behave yourself.

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Meaning of ”靖国”

Thanks for pulling up with me on words issues, now I think I see where the root of this is leading to.

”靖国” is indeed in Chinese characters that our ancestors took with gratitude.
But the meaning, often differ from what they are originally.

In your phrasing "greatly contributed to the country" is not the case with the shrine.
”靖国”, two characters combined, is one word in Japanese to "Make country stable in peace".

You seem to think the name of the shrine suggests that the "Criminals made the country better", it does not.
It's named so that "WE, the post-war generations in Japan, make country stable", by learning from our wrongful past.

Pretty much the same goes for  "神社" too. it may seem odd, and I wouldn't blame you
if you think the Japanese are mad, but there are  "神社"s for mobile phones, credit cards,
pets and men's testicles too.
Japanese are very religious and they like making  "神社"s for pretty much everything.
While it is common to have " 神社" for the past heroes, emperors and people,
it does not necessary mean people visiting them pays worship to their greatness.
They are often just a memorial to remember people or things, that are now enshrined.

What those criminals did was the opposite of the name, throw whole of Asia into a mess.
Whatever the reasons or beliefs of starting the war, what they DID is absolutely unbearable.
I think we both agree on this, right?

I am being absolutely honest in everything I write, grad you seem to be doing the same :)

Now leaving the naming issue aside, do you think I am still mad, by visiting the yasukuni shrine,
in the hopes I can learn from our past and to re-promising that we will never,
engage in deadly combat again?

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