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Looking for a chinese teacher in Shanghai who can also be part time sex teacher [Copy link] 中文

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If fact I am joking, I am not looking for a chinese teacher... But I would be happy to find my chinese sex mate in Shanghai.

I have noticed in China that when it comes to speak about sex, girls often become red and embarrassed. I know also by experience that at 25 some girls have only see a man *** in the dictionary...

This considerably reduce the possibility (for me) of having sex with a chinese girl. Which is quite sad because I have already experienced it in the past and now I am addicted.

But hope remains and I am sure I will find the girl I am looking for on this forum...

Now about me : I am an european boy and I am 27 years old. I am 1.80m for 70kg,  blond and I have blue eyes. To make it short : I am good looking. And to prove it I have pictures.

I would like to find a modern and pretty chinese girl. Someone open minded who is not afraid as the girls I have described above.

Well, now it is your turn. I you want to know me, this is my email address :

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I think you can find what you need in a bar

Many modern and open minded girls in China like to savor a night life in nightclubs or bars, you can find what you need there i think. To tell you the truth, I know many Chinese girls who are eager to make friends with a foreigner, as it can help fulfill theirs "foreign dream" or give rise to their "social statue". It will be very easy if you are a handsome boy with blue eyes.

May you enjoy sex with girls in China.

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exotic meat

It is very common that almost everyone dreams of a taste of exotic meat.

But in the western countries, almost all people who have had sex more than once (70%) under age 35 have chlamydia & HPV. Now even kids who are 9 years old have oral sex. Way too young! I think anything before 18 is a disaster, and better to be 22 or 23. But when you're 15, it's a pretty attractive sport. A few teenagers have sex with 16 or more partners per year, and they connect the ones who only have 1 or 2, and theese connect those who only do it once.  Plus, many younger girls and guys connect to much older men and women( maybe 25 to 35), and they lie about the number of partners.

You might get HPV or chlamydia from sex, kissing or touching you. It depends on when you were active, and with who you had some experience with. Europeans have more, but  Chinese don't watch for it, and no symptoms. It can cause cervix cancer (most cancer seems to be from viruses, actually) but has no other pain.

So, be careful, girls! if you're going to taste the exotic meat!

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an oddy

I suggest go to a clue or something . That always help. I never found what that chinese girls have that makes them so attactive even though im chinese and just dissed myslef but who cares? free world. Woo Hoo.

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actually,safety is the first important factor!

there r many many differences between women and men physically,so many times ,women will get much more hurt by the sex even they dont know that what will happen to them very disastrously.
so,i just wanna emphasize on that safety  is the first important factor.girls should pay more attention to it and cherish yourself pls.
God bless u!

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Indeed, here is a room for [making friends] !

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So what about your 1.8 ht, blue eyes, blonde hair and that long dick but yet, so

Gone were the days when the Chinese girls were being looked upon as so pure, submissive and craving for some heroic white guys in rescuing them from the hermitage. Now you may think that they are adorable, harmless and pleasurable to be with? But at the very next moment, they start to grow and polish their "fangs”while you are sleeping. Cases of white guys having been castrated and with their manhood flushing into the toilet bowls by their Chinese girlfriends are some common headlines in these days. Some Caucasian guys often believe that they are the passports to the West by the Chinese girls. On the other hand, these girls only think that they are some silly fish that deserve to be dumped after making use of as floats to another continent.  Someday, it is not surprising that you may accidentally become Jacky Chan in some DVDs. Do you know why? According to several periodicals, there are syndicates that manipulate some Chinese girls in luring those foreign men to the hotels and have them“video-camed”while they are practicing their “martial arts”on the beds. Blackmailing will be the eventual outcome if you happen to be one of these unfortunate ones. A word of advice, “Don't  play play with Chinese girls! Or else, you will be as crippled as a eunuch someday!”

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