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Prime Minister John Howard LOOSE FACE IN ASIA ! [Copy link] 中文

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It's all that humidity in Asia that makes one get a loose face.  I find sellotape keeps my face from becoming loose.

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who cares about face

In Australia we don't care much about the face crap.  If someone is wrong then they are wrong and people move on.  So how will Howard feel about this possible losing face, nothing.  He will just move on.  I don't like Howard and I did not vote for him but I have to say he is more of a man than people who hide behind this saving face policy.

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Reply byg !

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Thick skinned means you don't care what someone thinks, not that you are too stupid to notice.

Face is not universal, at least not the eastern concept of it, westerners care far less what people who are not important to them think or what impression they leave.  A perfect example being the Asian tendancy to say yes or maybe when the answer is really no and they have no intention of doing it. We just say no if the answer is no.  

This is why all our travel brochures and guides to living in Asia have to explain face and how easy it is to destroy someones face in Asia. If it was a universal concept we would already know.

Perhaps Japan's inability to own up to war crimes is another example of this, and that is why Germany has less trouble prostrating itself before it's past.

PS. Yes Howard is a knob

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agree Ticker

Ticker is 100% correct.  Even about Howard being a knob.

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Loose faces (sloppy jowls?) versus LOSE FACE (the invisible man)

yap-yap-yap-yapchongyee writes:
<<This pre-condition is intended to exclude Australian participation and it is a situation that illustrates how an Asian would interpret a response?from how a white man would interpret the same situation?>>

Careful, yap, your racism (and inferiority complex) is showing.

<<Offence is taken at the point when unsolicited John Howard proclaims that Australia is Australia and that Australia does not need the endorsement of Asia.>>
It is ridiculous to take offence at Howard's view on this alone. The previous Keating government did not improve relations with Asian countries. Keating sucked up to one of SE Asia's biggest dic-tators and murderers (Suharto), needlessly offended Dr. Mahatir (Malaysia) and so on.
Sure, Howard might be a "knob", but under his government we have proved that we can retain our "Australian-ness" (which is a mixture of many different ethnic groups and cultures) and engage more closely with the region.
The recent public donations of hundreds of millions of dollars for our neighbours Tsunami relief is unprecedented in this country, not to mention the billion dollar government aid package for Indonesia.
Australia's improving relations in Asia (before the Tsunami) puts the lie to Keating's statements of Asians not dealing with Howard.

Your idea of this asean plus 3 as one big happy family is a nice dream yap-baby, but not quite reality.
Look at recent tensions between Malaysia and Indonesia over disputed territory, every man and his dog claiming some small islands near China & Japan.
The two Koreas arguing over who can park their boats just there. Some people in TBT not quite as keen on their Liberation as the Chinese media would have us believe. The list goes on.

Howard's "refusal" to sign the "treaty of amity and co-operation" is in no way an attempt to keep the powder dry (legally) for an attack on any asian country, it is only insurance in the event of non-cooperation in the event of terrorist attacks.
To be honest I would be quite happy for Mr. Howard to sign the bleedin' "non agression" treaty to satisfy the Asean concerns, it wouldn't mean a darn thing as we have seen one or two other countries in the region sign treaties and then ignore the agreement!

Now back to your "yes means no" characteristic of Asians.
You have your custom with this, and you may well have subtleties of interpretation which allow some people to see the "no" through the "yes", but consider that we, the evil whiteman, may also have our own custom of honesty and forthrightness in saying what is what, rather than trying to mislead.
No-one is trying to be impolite, but simply honest. This is not something a racist like you has any reason to look down upon.



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