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a better, more ratioanl, and more rewarding way than a boycott [Copy link] 中文

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To ban the sales of raw and processed materials exported from China to Japan does far more good than boycotting Japanese goods or restaurants in China.

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In what way does that help?

So you mean we ban the Chinese enterprises to export. How about their business?

Our neighbour, an injection moulding chinese corp., has only one client, you mean they have to close the factory and send home 356 workers plus 23 office staff?

That's a good solution, indeed. Have a better one?

Grow up please!

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Also would it even be legal? Would China get in trouble with the WTO if it banned exports of such things? In any case, Japan would just retaliate and ban other imports from China.

No, a personal boycott is the best thing.

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Looking from another angle

I would like to say Sabrina raised a very good point. It is not what we should do but what we must do.

There are reports that we supplied raw and processed material to foreign countries on the expense of our environment. For incidence, we supplied dispensable chopsticks to Japan by destroying our forest, we grow goats to supply goat wool (account to 50% of world export) which is responsible to desertification of our land. Hence, we cannot take care of the interest of 356 workers and 23 office staff, and ignore the damage which affect the living of, perhaps 35623 people.

I would also like to say something on ‘boycott Japanese product’. It will not do much good for boycotting domestic household products such as Sony or Matsushita. It means either you need to buy something either more expensive, or lower in quality, plus, many of these product are actually made in China.

What we should stop to buy are luxury items especially those affecting our environment, such as motor cars and cosmetics. I will also suggest  not to join Japanese tour, we should improve our environment and made domestic tour more enjoyable.

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Personal boycott makes sense

Try not to do it at state-level.

If it's a state sanctioned move, the Japanese government could legitimately retaliate. Moreover, its allies would attempt to derail this approach via channels like WTO to hit back at China just to save their "friend" Japan.

So, the best way is to have a citizen-level movement. That would best reflect the voice of the people. Japan would be forced to win the hearts of the people rather than dealing with a government.

I would like to add that the rationale of the boycott is to get the Japanese government take our feelings seriously. It should be a short period of time not a prolonged effort.

Perhaps, stop buying Japanese goods for 3 months and they would yield. But we must not forget, overdoing might cause Japan to divert their investment away and China would no longer have such a leverage in the future.

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only 18 schools

From the total 11.200, more or less, have approved the Japanese Government text book for 7th graders.

This means this text book is going to be read by a 0,1 % of the total seventh grader students it is meant for.

I think this gives an insight view on how MOST of the Japanese citizens feel about their right wing Government plans to whitewash their history.

Personally I think, that instead of banning Japanese products, we could try to "lobby" for the left wing parties. In the new future elections, Japan is calling for a political change; socially it seems that they're mature enough.

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The point is not the textbook itself, it is the attitude of Japanese government who allow this book to come out.

The textbook was reviewed by Japanese government, and approved.

If a kid insulted someone without the knowledge of his parent, other can just say: the kid is rotten, his parent fail in education.

If before the insult, the kid told his parent, and the parent said, okay go ahead. That is another matter.

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