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Screw it. Maybe it would help somone. [Copy link] 中文

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Ms. Adventurous, did you download the information from Google or make that up !L

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I did not know what schizophrenia is when I was 14 what I knew the symptoms!

My sister-in-law came home after delivery of the baby and she was up all night, yelling, screaming, calling "my baby is GOD", my baby is Jesus Christ, liked a devil controlled her mind and I was told she was sick and had to go to the hospital.

it was many, many years later in school I learned about schizophrenia !

ms Adventurous, many thanks !

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I don't know what i do in that situation

here maybe the answer:
  yesterday new I've read from local newspaper: a young peasant couple live in a remote village in mainland,husband was disabled due to a accident,wife didn't leave him as she knew he needed her than ever,she held on for many years though marriage are only obligations no sex but  mental support,life is not easy,she did all backbreaking works alone at field at house to support family untile one day a guy went into their life,at very first time the guy just wanted lend a hand to the family,but as time went by the guy fell in love with wife,wife loved him too,but she knew she could not leave husband as her love to him was already above carnal love, what should they do? another sad story? no!!! finally wife divorced husband and married to the guy with her ex!!,3 of them live together,a special family!!!

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news sorry

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believe God is mercy

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stop it

Sorry for not getting back to you all earlier, but I was too hung over, and I'm still a little dizzy.

No, Nora wasn't schizophrenic when we met.  She was a beautiful and lively girl from a fairly well off family.  A little spoiled.  Her parents are divorced, and both are a bit eccentric, but there is no family history for this illness.  She was perfectly fine during the first 2 and half years of our marriage.  She even got masters in MIS without difficulty.

The first sign of problem appeared after I got her a job at Pfizer.  It was a dream job -- working at the same place as I do, good pay, nice benefits.  We built a new house and moved into it.  But shortly after, she started to do poorly at work, and started to become more remote.  She started asking odd questions.  At first, I laughed them off, thinking "silly girl".  I had no idea what schizophrenia is like.

Then one day, I returned home to find her crying in the bed.  She told me that there is a voice in her head.  The next day, I took her to the UMHC.  At first, doctors thought she might be suffering from depression, so they prescribed her Prozac.  But few weeks later, it became clear that it wasn't working.  During one appointment, she became uncooperative.  She laughed at the doctor and won't follow instructions.  Dr. Chen called security to have her involuntarily admitted into the adult psychiatric ward.  But I managed to convince her that she could trust me.  So she held onto my arm as security took us to the psych ward.  That was her full-blown break down.

She was put on Geodon.  Ironically, a drug that we Pfizer made.  But to bring her under control, they had to keep on escalating the dose all the way up to 200 mg a day.  It worked, but the sideffects were terrible.  Her hands and feet shook often, and she's always anxious.  She was finally stable enough and was discharged after 11 days.  For the last two years, she was largely normal.  There are some bad days, but mostly she was well enough to work part time.  Although it hurts me to feel my wife tremble in my arms, but at least I had her back.

She wanted to have kids, but obviously it's out of the question.  I kept telling her that we couldn’t have children until she's well enough to be off the medication.  Her doctors told her the same thing.  But after two years of waiting, she decided to take herself off the meds.  I didn't notice at first, I had trusted her to take them by herself.  But little over two weeks ago, she started to show all the sign of a relapse.  I checked her meds, and notice that she had been taking half dose for almost a month now.  I took her to see the doctor and then returned to work.  But they called me up and told me that her voices are now telling her to harm people.

I rushed back, and was instructed to take her to the psych ER.  So after two years, she was readmitted.  But now her illness is resistant to Geodon.  They put her on Abilify.  Two weeks passed they took it to the maximum dose on that as well, and it also failed to bring her under control.  She is now refusing to take the medication, so they are switching to the injectable form of Zyprexa.  In addition to that, they are also giving her a low dose of Geodon, Indural, and Clonzapam.  So many meds.

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that's life

I guess what precipitated my behavior last night was stupidity.

I’m not usually like this.  I’m not an alcoholic, I have more common sense than that.  It’s just that I went to see my wife yesterday.  She has gotten worse.  I watched her drag her feet, pacing the hall way in the psych ward.  Walking a few steps, then would stop, and mumble and disagree with herself.  Once in a while, she would shout in fear, and try to get away from something that doesn’t exist.

I used to be able to calm her.  She used to never fear me.  But yesterday she was.  She doesn’t want me to go into her room.  She wanted me to leave.  “Honey, I love you.”  “Are you going to divorce me?”  “No, no, go home.”  She would say these things, her thoughts bounced all over the place, showing her mind was just in pieces.

I talked to the attending doctor and her nurse as well.  Neither gave me any reason to have hope.  The doctor told me that each relapse makes the next one more likely, and make her conditions worse and more resistant.  I really didn’t want to hear that.  Her nurse brought me her medication sheet.  She’s now on 4 different drugs, and she is still getting worse.

A man can endure anything if he knows went it will end.  But now, it’s as if there is no longer any light at the end of the tunnel.  With no hopes left to hold on to, what have I got to sustain myself?  I felt that I needed to abuse myself, on I bought a bottle of wine and a bottle of brandy on my way home.  I wanted to just screw it all and get it out of my mind.

Of course, that’s stupid.  It changes nothing.  A few moments of drowning my sorrows, followed by a whole day of hang over.  I know I shouldn’t have, but I was tired of thinking and tired of being sane.

In 5 hours, I’ll go to work just I normally do.  I’m sure I’ll tell my boss that everything will be fine, and I don’t need two weeks off.  Smile at my colleagues, laugh at their jokes, and get on with my experiments.  That’s who I am, and that’s what I do.  Like I said, I owe her…

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