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Screw it. Maybe it would help somone. [Copy link] 中文

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Ivyphil, How can you know true love until you are faced with a deadly mental ill

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"Don't you walk away from her" !

"Take her down the mountain slowly.....the road."

  "She takes her toll.....Hold her in your arm, oh !"

  "She needs you calm her restless soul !"

  "It takes a while, but don't you walk away from her!"

  "She's coming home, so light a fire, "

"imagine you embrace her from million miles she had walked back to you

"Hold on to her restless soul",

"Her barren spirit that finds comfort and new life in the embrace of your greater love!"

  "She is the one you desire,"

  "You surrender to her,"

  "What else can you do,"

  "So don't walk away from her !!"

  "So don't take away the sweat love  from her !"

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"Saving all the LOVE for her" !

The first time you saw her !

Oh, she looked so fine !

And you had a feeling !

One day she'd be yours !

Honey she came along wearing a white shirt  in the balony looking far away but captured your heart !

Now your love is somewhere lost in her kisses but also in her illness !

When you're all alone at midnight, it's her that you missed !

Man,  a love like her is hard to resist !

oh, oh, ooh, ooh, oh !!!

Your love for her was on fire !!

She was the one you desired !

Tell her now, Xiphoid, could this still be true even in health and sickness,

That you need someone, like you need her till death you're apart !!

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"Xiphoid" means the sharp end of the sternum, the breastbone, shaped like the sw

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Mintming, Try to understand living with a mental ill loved one, it is tough love

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Does it make any difference to use four drugs-Reperidone, Zyprexa, Clozapine,...

Resperidone and Zyprexa are very popular drugs psychiatrists used for out-patients but adding two more drugs, why?

Does these make any difference, Risperidone, Zyprexia, Clozapine, Seroquel, Geodan, Zoleptil, Solian, or Abilitat ?

What else besides all the side-effects of weight gains, agranulocytosis, Tardive dyskinesis, and so many extra-pyramidal side-effects, nausea, vomiting ?

Where is GOD ?

Or there is no such thing as  GOD ?

May be the Central Government of CHINA is right, there is no GOD !

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I hope this posting brings out the best of how to deal with severe illnesses of

The pain and  the suffering of the lost loved one turned into alcohol binge !

The interference of parents to call it "quit" of their son's marriage.

The effect of "loved one" on one's job's performance !

The heavy financial and  emotional support of loved one with mental illness !

I hope our Chinese readers in mainland CHINA can bring love stories like that so we can ALL learn how to deal with these kind of difficult situations.

In most cases, a woman manifests her first episode of acute onset of schizophrenia around 18 years old and can go into remission, then some events, such as loss of parents, pregnancy, withdrawl from medications, stress, separation can trigger acute onset and must require hospitalizations. But strong family support can reduce relapse from 72% down to around 30% !

Despite medications are the most important part of the therapies, strong family support  ,  support groups and understanding of the diseases can reduce the frequency of  relapses !

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