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I have actually communciated with Xiphoid and said "You don't know what will hap

I and Xiphoid had exchanged messages and I have told him, "You never know about "LIFE" and may be one day, you....................." "I preferred not to disclose our conversation.".

Xiphoid is a very smart man but as someone at age 24, 10 years after I first knew what schizphrenia was, I was accepted a scholarship to the best medical center---National Institute of Mental Health, National Institute of Health, Maryland to study mental illness.

I volunteered to be the "experimental mouse"  and got the senior investigators to draw spinal and brain fluid from my spinal cord to compare with the schizophrenia patients.

I agreed to be on a special diet and take "sugar pills" and the schizphenic patients took the "experiemental drugs". I returned one more  time to NIMH (National Institutes of Mental Health) but the experience was difficult even for a young doctor who was eager to learn !!

There were 24 schizophrenic patients and two volunteers and I was one of them as a "HUMAN SPECIMEN" for medical research ! (I did get paid, over $1,000)

Over the 35 years, I never saw one patient recovered !! I am sorry , Xiphoid, but I kept in touch with my Professor, many followed the "Drifting Down" effect to become homeless, some locked inside the mental institutions for life ( in and out of state mental institutions), some locked inside the prisons !!

I left psychiatry and I can NOT take it anymore and returned to internal medicine !!!

It was too much for me !!!!! I did not go to University of Michigan for training but went to Detroit and Michigan State University for trainings.

As I said to myself, what a small world, when I communciated with Xiphoid, I knew he was somewhere in Detroit !!! It turned out he and his wife were in Ann Arbor, Michigan !!!!!!!!


It is a time bomb and you never know when she will go into acute phase---------only if you were there to witness the gradiose delusions, the somatic delusion, the thought broadcasting, the delusions of persecution--the command halluncination, the catatonic posturing !

At the end, nothing can save her and she remained in and out of the mental institutuions for over 60 times and stayed at home as a "prisoner".

Fortunately, my brother was able to support her. They never got a divorce but had two beautiful children.

Xiphoid, never give up. Joanne, the little girl who was born in CHINA became a CPA accountant and also gave birth to a wonderful boy, now two years old, just returned back from CHINA during the Spring Festival with her two years old. The son is graduating in computer science.

So when looking back, the marriage survived but suffered severe pain and  there was no "love" between my brother and my sister-in-law.

My brother fell out of "love" with my sister-in-law and had a secret relationship with his secretary for over 30 years !! What a tragic story !

So when I communicated with Xiphoid, He did not know life is more than a mountain , up and down and I am sorry to tell you, "SOME MARRIAGE MAY NOT WORK BUT THEY STAY TOGETHER FOR THE SAKE OF THE CHILDREN !!!"

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I returned back to the South where I came from and saw..........................

It was hell. What I saw was the stupid old drugs can cause  patients to develop "akathisia, bradykinesia, and tardive dyskinesia"

Tardive Dyskinesia (TD) was so deadly and what I saw shocked you with patient underwent uncontrollable muscle movement.

Over 40 years, what I saw was impaired work performance, impaired sexual relationship, premature death, proverty (drifting down effect), homelessness, sexual abuse of patients and physical abuse of patients in the mental instiutions in America, in the United States Government VA Medical Centers.

Is there a cure of schizphrenia of your loved one ?? NO , I am sorry !!

What I saw  after spending 5 years of my life working in a VA mental institution in Tenneesee was "there is NO hope, there is NO other window will open, patients are left there to DIE. My job is to sign "DEATH CERTIFICATE" due to  what   ???.

My heart goes to Xiphoid and I am sorry to use so many medical terminologies and the reality is there is NO HOPE !!

My brother sold his accounting firm, retired now, but still co-own a Chinese restaurant in the North side of town and still breathing !!

I am sorry to tell you the reality, the truth about a longitudinal personal story over 40 plus years.

When Xiphoid and I communicated, he never knew my family walked through his path and I have told him "LIFE IS MORE THAN HILLS AND VALLEYS BUT DITCHES AND RIVERS AND MORE......................."

Is Pfizer or other Phamaceutical companies that good ? Sorry, Pfizer is facing billion and billion dollars lawsuit over Bextra, an arthritis drug and the stock dipped lower and lower. And Pfizer may be facing the withdrawl of Celebrex and another million dollars lawsuit ? Who knows ?

Does anyone out there believe any pharmaceutical company will make a miracle drug to cure the disease--Schizophrenia??

Does the doctors at University of Michigan Medical center say " yes, we have a new experimental drug and would like your wife to participate in our clinical trial" "Empty  promise and false hope  !!!" Is 4 drugs better than 2 drugs---It only causes more side-effects, shutting down the kidneys, (renal failure) and more...........

is it true the next relapse may be  worse ??? Probably but with strong family support and using long-acting injectable drugs, it may avoid another relapse !!

<<<<<<<<< T H E R E......I S......N O .......W A Y.......O U T>>>>>>>>

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There were thousands of stories but the worst YOU HAVE NOT READ YET !

Xiphoid and my family story parrelled each others.

My sister-in-law developed severe acute onset schizphrenia after her childbirth. But she had the schizophrenia when she was only 17-18 years old and our family did not know about it ? Or we ignored the signs of schizophrenia. My sister was also very upset and accused "them"--my sister-in-law's family cheated and covered up her symptoms and never disclosed to my brother. But what good was that---THEY LOVED EACH OTHERS !!

It was a tough call to stop the medications to try to have a baby !!

In so many cases, the worst was the mother of a post-partum (after childbirth) mother developed depression and killed ALL five of her children, killing them one by one (only in America !!)

HOW DO YOU IMAGINE IF YOU HAVE FIVE CHILDREN AND CAME HOME ONE DAY, YOUR WIFE KILLED ALL FIVE CHILDREN , ONE BY ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So schizoprenia is not to blame but any other diseases such as post-partum depression can also kill too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Despite the pravalence of schizophrenia in the general population is only 1 % . There are many diseases such as post-partum depression and acute post-partum psychosis.

Is this just confined to mental illness ? Xiphoid, No.

Let me tell you another story.

A very handsome, young man at aged 23 years old just got married. he was still an university student. Brilliant, major in lingistics (languages, speaks four to five, six different languages--German, Russia, Greek, Latin, Hungarian and English).

But at 23 years old, married to his sweat heart, developed massive enlargement of lymph nodes in the necks, he underwent biopies and diagnoized of melanoma (a form of skin cancer due to exposure to sun ).

At age 23 years old, he had advanced melanoma and involved the lung but not the brain, he underwent chemotherapy, interferon therapy ....and more.............. But in six months after his marriage, HE DIED !!!!!!!!!!!............

So Xiphoid, don't blame it on GOD, the doctors, the University of Michigan medical Center, the Pharmaceutical Companies, life is NOT fair but what is NOT fair to you is you have to face this at such young age !!!!!!!!!!!

Xiphoid, Remember what you first talked to me, "I am NOT even 30 years old, I am not that old, I am not in middle aged", "You were so happy to go to see the movie "Sideways".

Xiphoid, you are so rightous and I am so adventurous (compared with many Chinese)

The worst is yet to come, and who knows if a woman with schizophrenia or post-partum psychosis or post-partum depression will kill her baby !!

What a tragic story !!!!!!!!!

There is no cure for Schizophrenia ! There is no cure for LOVE either !


---The answer is YES, you walked thousands more miles and experienced more in life and understand there were "roadside bombing", "bombs" and more..............."NO WAY OUT" !!!!!!!!!!!!

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What's next ? A doctor who walked through your path..........................

At least your wife is in the best medical center, I agree with that, the mighty University of Michigan Medical Center-----only if you have walked in there---------may be Cleveland Clinic can compare with that.

At least she is not across town in another Catholic Hospital (name withheld) she may be kicked out after 4-6 weeks when her insurance runs out !!

At least, the doctors at University of Michigan will keep her as long as they can !

At least there are Professor, Senior Attending Physicians, Senior Resident, junior residents, interns, and medical students around the clock there  !!

At least there are competant nurses there and more..................

But after 4-6 weeks, she will get better and the hospital will force the "doctors' to release her. You should  have gone through this drill and will take her home !!

Now what will you do to your wife who has schizophrenia?

I believe you are bound by duty and   honour to take care her.

Divorce or "leaving her" is NOT an option and I believe Xiphoid, you will not do this to your wife when she needs you  the most in the most difficult situation she is facing!!

Life will return to normal and believe me, she will be the same woman you met but with a timebomb !

Honor her, Cherish her, support her, and be very careful when you withdraw any anti-psychotic medication. Is zyprexia one of the drug she is taking , is Haldol used in acute phase ? Learn all the drugs and learn the side-effects of the drugs and start a support group with other families !!


<<<<DON'T YOU WALK AWAY FROM HER!!  DON'T ! >>>>>>>>>>>>>>


<<<<UNTIL DEATH, YOU PART>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

<<&ltLEASE STAY STRONG, AND STOP DRINKING, vodka will not help>




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"nihao028", Schizophrenia Disorders is a groups of disorders--a psychiatric ill

Mr. Nihao028,

Schizophrenia is a deadly mental/psychiatric illness, the major "positive" symptoms included delusions, hallunications, and agitation.

The current diagnois requires at least symptoms be present for at least 6 months.

  The etiology of schizophrenia is unknown. The prevalence is 1% in the general population. There may be genetic factors correlated to such disease.

  I prefer you to do a google or yahoo search and try to understand this.

  This posting is no different than the one I wrote two weeks ago: "RIGHT TO DIE ?"

What do you do when your loved one suffered major illnesses, diabled due to car accidents, comatose, or severe mental illnesses ?

Is drinking whiskey, vodka, hard liquor going to solve the problems ?

Is leaving your loved one, your wife of 7 years an option just because she has a mental illness?

Is looking for another woman an option to release your "sexual energy"?

Those are very difficult ethic questions we as Chinese and anyone has to face?

Our family decides to be  bounded by the strong Chinese cultural value--until death we part. THERE WILL  BE NO DIVORCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am sorry to post so many posting and just give you a background of schizophrenia ! Once you see a case, you will understand what schizophrenia is and learn to live with one !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Screw it, May be my postings will help you. You are NOT alone !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Xiphoid, stay strong,

Stay strong,

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