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Japanese War Criminals and Japanese Corporations

The Japanese Officers so often depicted in War Crime Photo's are often not dead, but very much alive.

These very same Japanese officers, who raped innocent Chinese women and raped others through the 1940's.

These very same Japanese officers, who murdered Chinese men, used as target practice and through the 1940's so many others.

These very same Japanese officers, who made experiments on Chinese and others through the 1940's.

Are often still alive and in control of Japanese Corporations.

Very large and very big Japanese Corporations.

Only recently, a young Japanese Officer ( now 81 ) reflected and still lied, as to the true situation on the River Kwai.

So, even in 2005 a Japanese Officer will still " LIE " on camera and in focus, as to how many innocent people were raped and killed and totured by the Japanese.

These men still live and I think it is a terrible injustice to all and that includes Chinese and most of all Nanjing, that these men, are still alive and still show no guilt and still there is no apology.

Keep in mind, in not a few cases, but in  many, these Japanese Officers are heads and Ceo's of huge Japanese Corporations.


Here is a Post from Pest Control posted recently.

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  Relpy to a paragraph from luf ( but in reality a reply to Baron Von Seneca. )
" tsupasat, I have never dealt with any Japanese, and not many Japanese who involved the war crimes still alive. But have you read carefully what I dislike? When the people who don’t feel guilty on their nation’s war crime but cover up it and have a desire to have another war crime, how can I like them? "

" and not many Japanese who involved the war crimes still alive. "


This is not exactly correct, in that not many, is in reality, quite a few and these few are heads of huge Japanese Corporations ( often ), so from a different perspective, this is a problem, as young Japanese Officers, who raped Chinese women and used Chinese men for target practice
are alive and well, in control of large Japanese Corporations.

This point is often missed by " ALL " missed by " MANY "

The exact same young Japanese Officers who mudered Chinese in cold blood, who cut off Chinese heads and mounted them on Bamboo Poles who cut the baby's from the wombs of Chinese women are alive and well in control of large Japanese corporations.




2005-04-08 23:19


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Here is a list of Japanese businessmen who support history textbook revisions

Dear Chinese compatriots,

Boycott only those Japanese companies that support history textbook revisions !!



  粕谷哲夫 商业咨询顾问
  小野泽知之 光企画顾问
  河野正三 高龄者住宅财团理事长
  小林乔 富国生命保险相互会社社长
  屿崎钦也 文教堂株式会社董事长
  铃木仙吉郎 北日本写字楼管理株式会社专务董事长
  高城申一郎 住友不动产株式会社董事长、会长
  相川贤太郎 三菱重工业会长
  秋山广昌 船和大洋财团会长
  朝仓龙夫 JRR株式会社代表
  浅野胜昭 东京映像制作株式会社董事长
  池田彰效 SMK株式会社会长
  石川六郎 鹿岛建设株式会社名誉会长
  石坂泰彦 松屋株式会社原会长
  伊地知重威 原朝日银行株式会社顾问
  淡河义正 大成建设株式会社顾问
  太田芳雄 银座阿斯塔食品株式会社社长
  冈本和也 东京三菱银行专务董事
  尾崎护 国民金融公库原总裁
  小野田宽郎 财团小野田自然塾理事长
  川村茂邦 大日本墨水化学工业株式会社顾问
  舆宽次郎 日本comsys株式会社顾问
  后藤达太 西日本银行株式会社董事、顾问
  坂野常隆 清水建设株式会社董事长、顾问
  樱井修 株式会社住友信托银行特别顾问
  里见泰男 大成建设株式会社原顾问
  杉原明 日商岩井株式会社顾问
  关根广文 神户制钢株式会社特别顾问
  濑岛龙三 亚洲大学理事长、NTT日本电话电报公司顾问
  高崎一郎 三越株式会社顾问
  田中利道 和平智囊团中心株式会社顾问
  德增须磨夫 住友海上火灾保险株式会社顾问
  友国八郎 大阪商船三井船舶株式会社顾问
  飞山一男 五十铃汽车株式会社顾问
  田中敬 横滨银行特别顾问
  牧冬彦 神户制钢所顾问
  原田滋 机械产业纪念事业财团顾问
  深野和夫 山银合同银行顾问
  村田良平 日本财团特别顾问
  宫田义二 铁钢劳动联盟顾问
  矢野次郎 殖产住宅相互株式会社顾问
  吉国一郎 内阁法制局原长官、NTT日本电话电报公司特别顾问
  渡边晴朗 丸红株式会社原常务顾问
  桥口收 广岛银行董事长顾问
  铃木三郎柱 味之素株式会社顾问、名誉会长
  后藤千秋 大林组株式会社专务董事长(建筑公司)
  酒井正晴 昭和飞机工业株式会社社长
  坂口美代子 坂口电热株式会社董事长
  须藤研一郎 朝日工业株式会社原董事长
  高桥铁郎 川崎重工株式会社原副社长
  种子岛经 BMW东京株式会社原会长
  富泽繁信 住友信托银行原常务董事长
  山本卓真 富士通株式会社名誉会长
  丸山利男 日本开发银行原理事
  迁熏 德山株式会社会长
  中村功 东日本房屋株式会社会长
  名须川浩 日本海石油株式会社董事长副社长
  西田昌男 帝人株式会社董事长副会长
  野口义和 大新东株式会社副社长
  长谷川忍 池袋机场管理株式会社社长
  松多昭三 株式会社损保会馆原董事、社长
  广濑元夫 广濑建筑株式会社社长
  古馆康生 爪哇石油投资株式会社原社长
  梁濑次耶 株式会社YANASI董事长
  平野富国 藤泽小田急株式会社原董事长、社长
  林慧儿 日桥文化发行人
  山崎诚三 山种综合研究所株式会社董事长
  大和嘉章 商业首脑太田昭和株式会社董事会副会长
  村井信夫 小松建设工业株式会社原董事副会长
  石井公一郎 原普利斯通株式会社社长
  铃木久章 横滨橡胶株式会社代表
  角谷泰 加商株式会社董事长、社长
  高桥季义 kinden株式会社原社长
  杉山昭二 株式会社托普拉董事会会长

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How many 81-yr old CEO's are we talking about.
The greater danger is this entire Nanjing issue being poosted away.  No one wants that happening.  The attempts to obliterate The Holocaust, calling it an insignificant event, will also be repeated with the Nanjing Massacre, probably by the same people.  The recent actions to change school textbooks to blur Japan's responsibility and guilt is only the start of what I've just pointed out.  Soon, fanatics will begin to come up with mathematical evidence prooving that the numbers of those slaughtered are impossible.  Beware China, teach YOUR offspring the truth.

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YES Comrade Cogito, it is a very " SERIOUS " situation.

Famous brands and Famous Household names and their Senior, their " MOST " senior executives are at least WAR CRIMINALS and are at most former Japanese Officers who were witness to horrific crimes.

Witness to incredible cruelty and injustice.

Some from 1937 and the Nanjing horror are still alive.

Many from the 1940's are alive.

The fact that there is no apology and no remorse.

Only means that they want to do it again.

If they " WANT " to do it again, they " WILL " do it again.

This is serious and always has been.

GIANT JAPANESE CONSUMER NAMES are headed by War Criminals.


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Click on the link above and let the patriotic music inspire us ...

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tsupasat, you amaze me. Truly amazing.

You know full well, that the list is being given, that chairman is hedan and canchin and doberman and pest-control and whampoa and so many many others, you have also been said to be chairman and yet you ask questions of a person who is not on the chairman alias list.


As I understand, chairman and his Chinese partners would not hesitate for a New York " Nano Second " to inflict pain on the Japanese and in fact as I understand it, do so on an every day basis.

I would also like to point out, that you are documented as missing chairman, along with all the majority of us, why would you take an important and greatly serious subject as this and the Japanese murderers, to have a dig here and or a dig there.


As for GOLF, if I remember the thread correctly, chairman played about 6-8 pairs back from the main War Criminals and even if chairman could play golf, which I doubt, it would be good manners to lose.

Even to the Japanese.

No, tsupasat, it is a cheap shot from you to the missing chairman.

You know that chairman is " M.I.A. " and yet you persist.

I like the Honda Motor Car, that does not make me a WAR CRIMINAL supporter.


Maybe it does.

chairman played Golf with Akia Morita, ( 6-8 pairs back ) does that make him a Japanese War Criminal supporter, maybe it does.

Slazenger made the Golf Ball does that make them supporters of Japanese War Criminals, maybe it does.

Is the person who designed the Golf Course a War Crminal supporter.

In the eyes of Tsupasat, maybe yes.

There are limits to this tsupasat.

Or are there limits ?

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The Amazing Tsupasat with his " Chubby Checker " impersonation.

Chubby Checker, " Twisting the night away "

The Twisting of the amazing tsupasat.

The " INSERTION " of the word " STOLEN "


The Japanese, as I remember it, have never invented anything.

As in nothing.

The television for example is not a Japanese invention.

If you are from the West it is an American or English invention and if you are from Russia or the Baltic States it is a RUSSIAN INVENTION.

In any event, it is not possible to steal it from Japan.

It could only be taken and be " IMPROVED " by the Chinese.

The LASER DISC is also not a Japanese invention and neither is the Automobile or the Train or the Aeroplane, or the CUP and SAUCER or even Chopsticks.

No, Amazing tsupasat, China does not have to " STEAL " anything and nothing is " STOLEN " it is improved and advanced and tooled and exported in a condition better than the Japanese who stole it from the WEST in the 1960's.

I fear tsupasat, you are too young to know who stole what from who and when they stole it.

Inflicting damage and pain upon the Japanese is a Chinese man's duty.

It is what he should in all loyalty do for China.

Theft, is a matter for westerners and that includes the traitorous Japanese, it is not a matter for Chinese.

The Japanese will steal anything that is not nailed down.

See the records of the last Empress of China for example, stolen in 1900 and still yet to be returned.

Theft is a craft leaned by the Japanese from the English.

The Japanese learned well from the English.


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