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Western women in China [Copy link] 中文

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How are western women regarded in China? I know that in some places we are regarded as cheap, for example if you don't wear a veil in the Middle East. Of course, China is not that, but anyway...

Would a western woman be a complete turn-off in the eyes of a Chinese men? Is it just black hair and small eyes that rock? Or is blonde hair and bigger boobs something desireful there?

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good point

no matter where you are from or who u are. the saying is always right.---Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.

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don't fantasy urself

no every one thinks blonde hair and bigger boobs something desireful.
blond means thick heads too much chemical in brain cells
bigger boobs w/brain bcz too heavy to do any thinking
probably people like u

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despite the unintelligible ravings of Sharonb, western women are fairly sought after in many places in China.
The problem is that CHinese men are too shy to do anything about it.If you want a Chinese boyfriend, I'd say you'd have to go and get one.
Of course, it depends on the big cities like HK youd probably have to fight them off with a shovel.

That said, I dont know any western women in CHina with local guys.I know of them, but I've never seen it in 17 months.

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i least i know where i am
u sad little guy only pitty how wonderful urself  no one appreciate it
all day
no wonder u got mental problem

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The prototype

I have seen western women - Chinese men couples, but they are in a few prototypes:

1) mediocre-looking western women with handsom (tall, big) Chinese guys.  

2) ugly wetern women with mediocre-looking Chinese men

Don't take me wrong, and think that western women can always find Chinese guys better looking than themselves.  My next point is more important.

In both cases, few of the Chinese husbands are successful in career or rich and the usual case is that the western wife earns more money and has better jobs

It is true that on average western women have bigger boobs, and Chinese men love big boobs, like men in other countries.  However, the size of the boobs is not the most important criterium to evalue the beauty of women.  The proportion and shape of bodies, the fairness of skin the visual structure are far more important than the size of boobs.

The general trends for foreigners live in China are:

1) single foreign guys usually end up with Chinese girls
2) married foreign guys with children have 50% chance to divorce and get to gether with Chinese girls
3) unmarried foreign guys in relationship with western girls have over 80% chance to breakup with their gf and end up with Chinese girls
4) married foreign women with husband and children have 50% chance to divorce and go back home with kids
5) unmarried western women with western bf and both of the couple live in China have over 80% chance to break up with their bf, and date other foreign men, then break up again, date with foreign men again.... at then end, they go back home, single
6) single western women will mostly date foreign guys, break up, date again, and go back home, remain single

Western girls should be seriously prepared for relationship problems and competition for their men from Chinese girls here.  

Nobody here thinks western women easy, and I've seen few good-looking western women who are competitive enough in China.

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do u know many westerners in china?
why all u listed out end up w/break up?
it sounds like live in china watch out all women around u
people are very tricky

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