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I have experience both in the West and in CHINA about beggars and homeless peopl

Because I lived in the North and there are quite a few homeless people died each winter (with -40 to -60 degree). The city had passed very strict law to forbid any homeless people to stay outdoors and police and social workers are in force to "force them" indoors.

Children are used  to beg in the West  too but they are more frequently used to approach baseball players to sign their baseballs and their dads will sell the baseballs for $500.00 to  $1,000 dollars.

Children are used for sex, prostitutes, child slave  workers and all of those activities are illegal both in CHINA and in the West !!!

The situation is CHINA is very difficult. I have similar experience of a handicapped man( or woman) without a limb lying on the ground of an overpass with thousands of people passing through. It is a tragic situation and I don't think the police or public security are interested to do anything because the same beggar comes out everyday and may move to another location. So the best way is to ignore them. But for the children, the state have a responsibility to find out their parents and provide some sorts of social programs for them. It is a pathetic situation in some cases !!!!!!!!

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New York City as well as many western countries have passed the laws to make it illegal for homeless people to stay outdoors and also aggressively arrest beggars !

That doesnt make it right.

We do not buy the "emotional ,dramatic and theatrical" beggers with loss of limbs or handicapped and present themselves in the overpass and subways stations to beg.

Where is your heart......i cant believe this thinking prevails so strongly in China.

Detail research inidcates some are professional beggars with 300,000 dollars home and nice cars but prefer to beg. But most are mentally ill, poorly differentiated schizophrenia, alcoholics, and others are substance abuse and have mental illnesses.

The use of children to beg is very common and the best way is to ignore them. To give money to them beats the purpose of the social agencies to provide education, shelters and training for those who truly need help.

I hope the lessons I learnt in the 1970 in New York City Times Square showed that aggressive arrests of those people who pretended to be homeless and beggars and using children to beg for money did not work and will face persecution and imprisonment !!

I do have a heart but giving money to a child who begs is not the solution to solve this chronic social problem !!!!!!!!!

So let the child starve and get sick, great logic mate. How much money do you EARN a year in YOUR UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!


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Urbexer, Part of my pay cheque goes to United Ways to support local social agenc

Over 32% of my pay check goes to taxes, federal, state and local taxes, and part goes to charity.

Bill Gates's late mother "was" the Chairwoman of the world United Ways to support local charity, social agencies. There is no perfect solution to solve social problems but  exploiting children as a tool to beg as pointed out by HeDan011 is very common in CHINA and by giving the children money, you "RE-INFORCE" the negative behaviour and actually encourage the gangs/thugs to continue exploitation of children as beggars !!!

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Urbexer, all Western countries have Universal Health Care including U.K. for the

"leave no child behind !!"


U.K. have one of the best universal health care system in the world and social programs for the poor.

United States also provides "medicaid" funded by both Federal and State to provide medical care for the poor !

Are you aware I, Selrahc, was very poor when I went to school and did receive "FOOD STAMPS" provided by the United States Government Department of Agriculture.

I went a few blocks away and filled out a form and stated I had no income and stayed with my girlfriend and the school provided free housing, the state (U.S. Government) mailed the food stamps coupons to you after checking out your income for the first three months and then you have to return back to the FOOD STAMPS office to talk to the social worker to renew the food stamps coupons.

You are not allowed to use the US "FOOD STAMPS" coupons to buy cigarettes, alcohol , and there are many restrictions of using the food stamps.

No social program is perfect nor the United States Government social program of Medicaid or FOOD STAMPS but the US Dart. of Agriculture Federal Agents aggressively arrested anyone trying to sell food stamps at 50cents per dollar on black markets.

The situation in France is some what different with the French Government actually provides 25% of the jobs for the French people and generous social programs !!

The massive social program for the old East Germany caused so much problems with recorded high unemployment in Germany breaking 11% mark early this year and this shows the West is not better off in many  ways to deal with social problems

Denmark appears to be the best country to live and work and with the highest GDP but Sweden used to have the most generous social program in the world at the expense of the taxpayers (the Sweden social democratic party had since voted out of office in the last election !!!)

I have to say Urbexer, U.K. privatization of part of the universal health care system works and U.K. continues to grow at a faster rate among all E.U. nations.

CHINA  will not or may not make much changes in the social programs because of the cultural differences that the "families" take care the old, and the ill. I do hope CHINA will adopt some kind of social program models to provide some sorts of social assistance to the needy !!

Thanks for your inquiry ! Urbexer, it is a very tough, difficult situation but I think Rudolph Giuliano did the right thing to make it illegal for the homeless to stay outdoors during the winter snow storms and forced them into shelters in New York City.

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thank you

Thanks for ur precious comment, via this post it makes me know the situation of those beggars all over the world . Wherever in West or in China beggars are similar.  I am sympathize with the sorts of person .in order to survive,they have to do something unwilling and do something unprofited for  our society …their behaviors make us nauseous, as we want to help them and give them our mercy.
I thing I can’t do something special for our society ,despite I pay too much for it .it is also insignicant.
I appeal to all the sympathizers,do ignore this person who are in need. “giving is better than given”.
Good luck !

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thank you


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Never, ever, NEVER give money to a beggar

100% (not 99%) of the children begging are being exploited.

The reason the child in the original post ran away after receiving the money is becaues she was running to give the money to the person exploiting her. These children are being used. They are often made to LOOK poorer and dirtier in order to gain sympathy from naive passerby.

-Absolutely right... Hedan you have a deep through to Chinese culture!

By giving the child money, you are helping to solidify the bonds of exploitation.

If you want to give money to a beggar, find an old man or woman, or a disabled person.

- Don't give your money to them either because they are all cheaters just better than those robbers.

- Remember NEVER give your money to a beggar. If you want to show your sympathy why not donate your money to those whom are unable to go to school as I believe there're lots of them in China.

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