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Ancient Norse Text - very interesting reading, ODIN an ASIAN KING. ????? [Copy link] 中文

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I had found, but have now lost into the internet, an interesting ancient Norse text and wonder if any other forumites can shed further light on it.

A scribe of Odin ( who is said to be legend ) wrote that Odin, ( who legend says was a great warrior ) and travelled to many lands.

The text said ( written I presume between 200 AD and 700 AD, that Asaland which was Norse for Asia, that it was forbidden to intermarry with near relations and that Odin exchanged men from Asia, the Asia man was named HONE, but Odin did not like his advice and chopped off his head, but that is not what was interesting.

What was interesting in this Ancient text is that it says " ASGAARD " was the Chief City in Asia and I always thought that ASGAARD was Norse Heaven or a Norse City, but it turns out that ASGAARD was an Asian City and that Odin had been to fight battles there or near there.

But then it went on to say, that ODIN was in fact a KIng of Asia and his head City was Asgaard in Asia, so the text says that ODIN was an Asian King first from an Asian City called Asgaard, before he was a Norse God.

I do not know about anyone else, but I find that amazing.

I know many of you are good searchers and am sure will find more.

But, If ODIN was an ASIAN king, and ASGAARD was an Asian City, then all we Viking lovers are in big big trouble as history goes.

Waiting for more from anyone.

( Valhalla was the Fortress of Odin in Asgaard where THOR was born )

Anyway, waiting for any extra light on this subject.

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Found this so far...

Thinking: "Great men
descended from skilled
Asians in the old days."

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not necessarily true but...

In the saga "Heimskringla", written by the poet and historian Snorri Sturlasson (1179-1242), one of tales tells about the Norwegian Kings. The tale beginning with the legendary Swedish dynasty of the "House of Ynglings" followed by the more historically accurate Norwegian rulers of the 10th to 12th centuries. The legendary "House of Ynglings" traces their roots back to Odin and and his followers from the east, from "Asaland" and its chief city "Asgard" and their settlement in Scandinavia.

The mythology of the Vikings in some cases bore a small fraction of truth and the "asian" roots of the Vikings is by some researchers traced to the ancestors of Troy (located in northwest Asia Minor present-day northwest Turkey).

After the famous battle of Troy, a part of the Troyan chieftains and warriors went north across the Black Sea into the Mare Moetis or "shallow sea" where the Don River ends (Caucasus region in southern Russia), and established a kingdom called Sicambria about 1150 BC. The local nomadic Scythians named these Trojan conquerors the "Iron people", or the Aes in their language.  The Aes (also As, Asa, Asen, Aesar, Aesir, Aesire, Æsir or Asir) soon built their famous fortified city Aesgard or Asgard, described as "Troy in the north" .

The area became known as Asaland (Land of the Aesir) or Asaheim (Home of the Aesir).  Some historians suggest that Odin, who was later worshipped as a god by pagan Vikings, was actually a Thracian/Aesir leader who reigned in the Sicambrian kingdom and lived in the city of Asgard in the first century BC.

Odin, who was a very popular Thracian ruler, is supposed to have led a migration about 70 BC with thousands of followers from the Black Sea region to Scandinavia.

Aesir became the Old Norse word for the divine (also, the Old Teutonic word "Ase" was a common word for "god").

Thats about it... However, all historians does not agree that this is the truth, so it might not be 100% accurate.

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Also came across this...


Asgaard (from As, plural Aeser, or in English, "Ases"--Norwegian for the gods--and gaard, "yard", i.e. enclosure, garden; the Garden of the Gods).

It was the great place where the Ases and their wives, Asesses (Norse, Asynjer), dwelt apart, and from which they ruled. A bridge called Bilrast led to it.

In the middle of Asgaard was a great castle in which was Odavold, where the gods (Ases) held their reunions. In it were two magnificent halls: Gladsheim, with the throne Hildskjolf, for Odin, and seats for the Ases; and Vingolf, with a throne for Frigg and seats for the Asesses.

From this heavenly country the Ases govern the course of the world and of men. Odin reigns there as father and head, who penetrates all, animates all; gives men intelligence and enthusiasm, and breathes into them the desire for combat and war. At his side was his wife Frigg, the all-nourishing earth, who had Fensal as her abode.

The other principal dwelling-places of the Ases in Asgaard were Thrudvang, or Thrudheim, where dwelt Thor, the son of Odin and of Frigg, and who was the thunder, the strength, the sanctification of the world, the friend of men, the defender against the evil powers, the protector of agriculture and of family life; Breidablik, where dwelt Balder with his wife Nanna; Noatum, the abode of Njörd; Thrynheim, that of Skad; Alfheim, that of Frey; Himinbjörg, whence Heimdal protected the Ases; Ydal, where Ull was; Gletner, where Forsete lived, the most just of the Ases; Folkvang, with the hall Sessrymner, where Freya lived, the Asess of Love, and Sökkvabekk, the dwelling of Saga.

Moreover, there was Lidskjalv, from which Odin saw the whole universe, and where there was Valaskjalv, all covered with silver, and the yet more splendid and sumptuous hall, Valhal. Above Asgaard stretch the more elevated heavens, whose splendour culminates in Gimle, an unapproachable and golden hall, more luminous that the heaven.

The site of Asgaard was placed near the Don, which was regarded as the boundary line between Asia and Europe. Hence Snorre derives the name As from Asia, and imagined that the Ases were inhabitants of Asia.

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I always thought this could have been an interesting topic - sort of - that got lost duing the pogrom.

Thought I would bring it up again to see if there was anyone interested...but it may get moved to another section.

There are lots of "lost" topics from the past of the forum that are still a good read. Many on subjects that are still being bandied about today - some with interesting condradictions between "then" and now.

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舞我手中霓裳。 "

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Thank you made my day...

..i was just wondering who are Syctians, norse.....people..

..and then you guys comes out with this wondrous new thread....

..i am all eyes and ears to learn...

ha ha ha ha ha

now i know "As" means "god" in Gods!!!! ha ha how apt....

or mmmmmm!

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