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i am confused by myself these days.
i found that i  was critical of  our subsecretary (i am the secretary). it seems that she doesn't want to do anything. even you tell her what to do,she just return it to you without any change or much worse. there are many things that i think we should have a discussion, but you can't contact her at the most time for her mobile telephone is off . if you are so lucky to get through,  there are also many reasons for absence or delay waiting for you. i don't know why. i am also busy, maybe much more than her. why i can make time but she can't. if she didn't want to do anything, why she stays in  the position?

what's more, i also have a consideration that whether  i have asked too much? i should not ask everyone like myself ,right?

what  can i do now? i don't want to break out, but i 'm afraid i can't restrain myself any more.
should i just self- surrender it or give her any indications?if it is the former,anyone can teach me the way to comfort myself?  if it is the latter,is there anyone who can show me the way?
thank you for your reading and response.

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some tips

dear friend here are some tips from somebody who has to handle similar situations on  daily basis;

1- If you feel sorry to be a leader (even if it is to a small scale!) hand in your resignation. You were put there to make things, and people work properly.

2- Learn how to deliver assignments to your sub-ordinates in an orderly manner and make sure that they know what and how to do

3-If an assingment is not done in time and proper way, explain it and tell the person that another time it will be a cause of dismissal

4-Comment with your superiors the situation in case they want to take a different actio.

Just some advice

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if she won't do the tasks you ask her to finish, what does she usually do in her daily work? is there anyone else who often dispose work to her? if so, maybe she has full of work in hand, and cannot finish the work promptly. i suggest you talk with her via MSN or other tools online. in this way you can avoid awkard made by face to face.

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These may help.

First of all, how many hours does she work per day? If she works 8 hours. Then she has the right to not returning your phone call. In my opinion, calling ppl on their cell phones is in the scope of their privacy unless it is company cell phone everybody is required to have it on all the time.
Second, do not hide your feeling until it explodes. Talk to here. Let her know your frustration. If she continues to ignor the work she supposed to do (within 8 hours work day), give her warning that you have to look for other help.
Last, if she keep ignoring her work, report to your boss.
BUT, if she did her 8 hours due and things are still piling up for you, ask your boss to hire more ppl to help you.

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8 hours?

Which planet is the China you're in on?  I suppose you'd expect two days off per week, 10 days for each golden week, and 3 days for 3/8?
Look at the Americans, that's what made them fat and lazy.
The only Chinese people I know who work 8 hours a day are those that are hired by foreign companies.  If you want to get ANYwhere in life, you'll need to put in thankless hours and effort.
Your point is valid tho, i just don't agree with the 8 hour bit.  If someone has agreed to work X amount of time per day/week/month, a schedule should be set, so that person is available during those hours, and the people affected are aware of them.
If the SUB-secretary is worthless, can her.  No one is indispensable.  If her immediate superior is demanding and unfair, kudos to her... that's what got her the title.


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thanks you all

i think i didn't tell  clearly. in fact, we are still graduate students. we also have classes and have to do experiments to get the degree. so the things as a secretary or sub-secretary should be finished in our spare time.

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shirly i think it's the power issue

if she's too busy, she doesn't have to remain in the position.  I suspect that she doesn't like the fact that you are her supervisor.  There could be many reasons.  The first reason might be that you don't pay too much attention to the way you ask her to work.  The second reason might be that she thinks of herself more qualified than you and is reluctant to take your "orders".

My suggestion is to look back to yourself.  Did you boss her around? unintentionally or intentionally?  Try to be nice with her and show more respect when asking her to work.  Then try to understand whether she has better qualities than you in some parts of the work.  If yes, try to ask for her opinion before you make decisions and dispose work to her.

I believe you are more like a team than a "boss"-"subordinate" situation.  So please keep in mind all the time that you have no rights to boss her around.

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