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Do you think gay people are normal people? [Copy link] 中文

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A true Test of Normal

Common to  all species on our wonderful planet, I believe the following defines "normal"

1) Sex between a male and female produce offsprings.

2) The parents then spend most of their time and energy on nuturing, feeding and protecting their offsprings until they are mature enough to continue the cycle by finding partners of their own.

It is pretty simple really.

To investigate whether 'gay' men are normal I suggest sending all of them to a remote island, then returning in 100 years.  How many are left will indicate how successful and normal the 'species' really is.

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Ah, but aussieles

Ask yourself this question "are genetic mutations normal?'

Would evolution be possible without mutations?  The key point is that mutations are a normal part of all species.  It allows species to change and adapt to new environment, and even create new species altogether.  Of course, most mutations do not confer selective advantages, so they come and go naturally.

Whatever we might consider homosexuals to be, they are still human, and they are a product of nature.  As such, they are natural, should be tolerated.  As long as they pose as no threat to the rest of the society, why not let nature take its course?  ^^

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absolutly yes

it's normal, everybody has the right to love and being loved.
i suggest those who think they are abnormal watching a movie-----DRIFT
touching, then you maybe will understand

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Tolerance, Yes, but let's keep things in perspective

I personally have no problems with 'gay' people, I have them amongst my clients, and they are usually very polite, and they pay their bills!

My grudge is against gay's who flaunt their sexuality in public, as if it is something for others to admire and emulate.  eg the Sydney Mardi Gras, which many here think is a national disgrace for Australia.  That sort of event may influence young adults, who, sucked in by the carnival atmosphere, may be tempted to take a road which can only lead downhill.

There are gay 'help lines' staffed by gays, purportedly for the purpose of giving out factual information on HIV Aids, but I often wonder if the poor innocents who respond are unduly influenced by the staff, who try to drum into them that it is 'OK to be gay'.       Well, it may be OK, but it certainly isn't compulsory!  I doubt if they are advised to find a nice teenage girl and experiment with hetrosexual activity before coming to a major decision on their sexuality.

Of course if any reaonable member of society (like me!) decides to make their opinion heard it's like putting a stick in an ants nest............and labels such as homophobic are readily bandied around.  I care not.

And, to take issue with an earlier correspondant:  anal sex may occur between heterosexuals, but it is far from common, and it is far from cool!
Most people think it is disgusting.

Anyway what is wrong with normal sex??????

(By normal, for those tempted to argue, I mean a male penis in a female vagina.)  Try it sometime, it's been a very popular pastime for thousands of years!

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partialy ..

gays is who hunt for pleasure through homosexual method,they are nothing wrong with them to do it privately,
  but ,i have not enough materials to check the stats u provided

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I dont know

you should ask our resident closet-boy:  poor_yankee]

He seems to think about this alot.

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it's super cool that u guys r talking about this!

well i dunno what to say exactly there is nothing normal or abnormal u just can't use those 2 words to talk about people we r all adult we can do whatever we want sure (all the good things hehe ) nothing can define what normal is right?
I DO THINK GAY PEOPLE R COOL :) NICE 2  they r super amazing hehe :)

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