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men and women cannot be friends coz the sex part is always out there [Copy link] 中文

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notice I said "it's actually true most of the time."

"Most" doesn't equal to all.

Good for you.  But I think you should speak for yourself instead.  ^^

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Fair enough


The statment at the top says that men and women being true friends is an impossibity.

What you say  may be true but "most" is as irrelevant as "least" in this case.

Something is either impossible or it isnt, regardless of "most"   : P

It isnt.

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Actually I don't think so. I don't have any female friends...

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not exactly..

man needs love,also need friendship,lack either will be a great lose to u,
love could make u happier at home,while friendship could give u strength at outside.
  man could make friends with woman when he is falling in love with another woman or there is nothing about love between the buddies.

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starryeyed, give me five

i dont have any male friends either

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it's possible

I have very good male friends, they are my buddies.  it's important to speak the same languages in any friendship.  

People find it difficult to make friends with the other gender usually is because they have little things in common to talk about.  

Guys like to talk about politics, sports, businesses, while girls like to talk about celebrities, fashion, etc.  

There are some topics in the middle area, such as music, animals, healthcare, places to visit, etc.  Try these topics with people of the other gender and maybe it will work.

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abc123 & Xiploid both are right. I have a lot of female friends at work, I dare

May be this is an extreme case, but you can be good friend to a female colleague but never cross the line to date her and never even mention sex ! You will be fired !!! Sexual harrassment !!

Do I have Chinese female friends and go out once a while?

Yes, but those Chinese female friends normally ask for "ride" to go downtown to CHINA BANK to get money sent from CHINA or need help for their homework, they are using "me", but I just play along. Go to their apartment and check them out first !!!

You can be friends with Chinese girls/women but it is quite difficult to keep the relationship just as friends. I know some and we kind of doing homework together and nothing more !!! We don't discuss sex, romance, love but "WORK". It is boring to keep such friendship, I want turbo-charged, high-power rapid fire SEX not doing homework or teaching her English !!

When I was in college, I had a car !! Wow !!  I got a lot of girls coming to me for ride to the airport and ride to move from their stuff from the  dorm to the apartment, I think some girls were just using me. But I got sex at the end of the semester with a very cute blond, 5'4" music majors, very nice round tits, small but very firm, petite and weighed only 105 lbs. She asked me to move her stuff out of the dorm and we were so jammed inside my car, her body and breasts were in my arm. She was literally on top of me.  We moved to her apartment and we were exhausted. She went in to take a shower and I got a very good view of her nice body. She agreed to come to my place and even brought some beer, we rounded up in bed all night.

Then the next day, another best female friend I knew for 2 years asked me to move her bed frames. After we finished, we were sweating, she took everything off except her undershirt and no bra. We kisses and embraced, Oh GOD, she had a 40 DDD breasts I never knew, she covered up with large jackets but we didn't make love. We were good friends living in a dormitory for 2 years. I was more interested in her roommate and did scored on her roommate who was quite loose. It was a dream almosts come true to score two girls (roommates together)

So you can be friend of a female gal and scored on "HER FRIEND" !!!

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