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why feeling lonely sometimes? [Copy link] 中文

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Hope that not only me have such kind of feeling

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Take it easy!!

Hi!I have the same feeling like u. However,it's just a occasional phonomina. Don't worry about it.
When feeling lonely,try to do something u love to relax such as playing sports or just taking a jog.
Or try to change your brain.
Good luck!

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hey girl,

How is it going? Well, I feel much concerned about how you progress on dealing with that guy.  Partly because somehow I can relate a little bit. Me, so far I am good. Sometimes, feel a little depressed but nevermind.

As far as I know, it is normal to find people feeling lonely even they are married.  See, it is very natural if you feel lonely sometime, actually I love the song of Lonely from Germany male singer, nana, recommended to you! :)

But I don't think it is very helpful by forcing yourself to do something you may be interested in when you are totally okay, the bubble shower or the like to Girls. Try to communicated more with your OLD friends who you can count on and feel secure.

Another point, if people  are seeing somebody who is not available, the lonely parts will visit them more frequently. But that is not always a bad thing: see, you feel lonely but you are still here, not going to find anyone to get rid of your loneliness regardless whehter they are right for you or not; you feel lonely because you are emotional and sensitive and you can feel that feelings. Embrace yourself whenever you are up or down no matter what happens.

Be open and keep more curiosity to others and love yourself always!

Guess I read too much O magazines.    Girl to Girl!

Cheer up!

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Re: why feeling lonely sometimes

Good question, memory2004.

According to the newly "crowned" evolutionary psychology, if we human beings do not feel lonely today, our ancestors would more likely have stayed alone in then hostile environments, and therefore, less likely have survived long enough to produce offsprings.

In other words, we are the descendants of ONLY those who felt lonely when they were left alone during the long evolutionary process through which we modern human beings come into existence.

We feel lonely, therefore we exist today.

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Cogito, eloquent

Well, people tend to feel lonely when being alone. Yet as long as you are independent, as long as you immerse yourself in something you have great interest in, you will not feel lonely even if you are alone. Otherwise you may feel  desolate even if you are accompanied by a large number of friends.

Cheer up, memory2004.

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Nowadays  more and more people feel lonely especially in modern cities. The more skyscrapers,the more cars, the more isolations to conquer by people.Everyone struggles to keep rapid pace with modern time.The E-mails are taking the place of the tranditional manuscript letters,saying nothing of telephone prevailing over the meeting face to face.So- called high-tech information era is coming, and most of people sit in the office accompanied by computer staring at the monitor in all of the working hours,the thoughts only fly freely in the wonderful cyberspace.No wonder the loneliness lies fallow stealthily in their deep hearts. They might feel vacuous when staying home after work. Staring at the ceiling ,where to go? But anyway tomorrow is another day! So go out often at the weekends,breathing a fresh air on the mountains or in the parks appreciating the streamlets,the birds,the flowers,the trees.Wow,what a beautiful life it has been ! Open your mind, and make good friends with empressement and kindness.

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memory need friends

She would have to be lonely ,
on her street that dead ends.
To find me before morning,
on her crosswalk of friends.

Hey my friend,

Would you like a cup of coffee,
I know this place that's on no maps.
Where the rivers are so lonely,
they hide in water taps.

CHEER UP !!!!!!!

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