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How to let a fat lady take care of her shape? [Copy link] 中文

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So the problem is....


First let me ask, has her mood changed quickly or over time?  

It may be a good idea to see a doctor for an evaluation to make sure she is not suffering from depression.  Many people suffer from this but the good news it can be treated.  

Second, if there is no medical problem let me make a few suggestions.  

Talk to her and make sure you give her the chance to talk too.  In fact ask her questions that will encourage her to talk.  Take her to a nice restaurant or go shopping with her.  Give her some hugs and kisses.  Find some activities that both of you enjoy.  Use your imagination.     

Just let her know how important she is to you.  Good luck to both of you.      

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Where is your love?

If she loves you very much, she will do anything for you, including losing weight; if you loves her very much, you will indulge her maybe think she is more cute and sexy because of being plump...

Please forgive me if I used the improper words, but if you lost your love unconsciously, the first thing is to get it back.

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here i have an idea. try to think out somthings in the past that made both of you happy. As you said that you have noticed the changes outside but she is still a traditional woman. maybe she is thinking a question" oh my god , where is my husband? he is so strange for me, and he changes much too fast"  you can find something ge her interested  if you want to let her take exercise first you should make her realize that whatever you do is because you love her not dislike her.
do you think so ?

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About how old is the lady?  Has she had children?  Someone mentioned a medical reason.   Depression may be a reason or a problem with her thyroid gland.  What does her mother and her father's mother look like?

Is she FAT or pleasingly plump?  So many questions upon which a good answer depends.

Exercise and diet are the two best methods for reducing weight.  Burn more calories than you replace with food and the body uses fat.  But the process cannot be quick.  It should be disciplined and slow.  

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But when you stop dieting and exercising, the weight comes back immediately!

So I think the better way is to be healthy and happy, face your shape confidently, make yourself an attractive person with your charm and good virtue, no need to be a gorgeous.

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love wouldn't fade

After pregnancy, i am heavier than before, i asked my husband if he would like a fat woman, he said i lovee you whatever you fat or thin.  I moved. Yes, love wouldn't  fade with your lost figure. So i think if you love he you will ignore her shape, don't you?

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another good way

eating chinese tea is  a  good  way  to weight   lost  too!

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