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Taiwan's reactions to the anti-secession law are unnecessary [Copy link] 中文

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Not sure about the percentage

This 95% tells me nothing. From my limited observations I'd say 15% for ,15% against and the rest abstaining. Don't hold me on these figures, it's just a veeery rough estimation and I have no firm data to back up.

These figures would be very different if people exactly knew where it leads, and what costs does it require from them. I mean , if people would really know "what does it mean to me and my life".
Then, maybe 95% against would be real - among women -in the mainland.
To predict what would be percentage for/against among men, well these species are less predictable in wars subjects.

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The Truth.

The sum is greater than all of its part. This is what the criminals
(the riches)  fear.

Therefore, the criminals will do everything that they can to weaken China
by breaking it into part. Once weaken, the riches will have secure their unjust whealth. They (the riches) try to exploit and tempt china's children
by brainwash them with Hollywood films and propaganda, among other
tricks. They give you false information about their well being, and they
hide information about their poor from you. Please don't bring suffering
into China by following their ways and models, for they will soon
destroying themself with Hollywood dream, model and life style.

Please, stay with your God given principle. That is, move forward
together, and live no one behind. Die together, suffer together, and
do everything else together as your forefather has done. This is what is
like in heaven and this is the true strenght of China. Please, don't give
this up at any cost, and don't trade this for any price.

Keep in mind, once china is breaking up into part, it is irrevesable and
China will not be able to accomplish its objective on Taiwan, for its
cannot defend itself against Taiwan foreigners allies.

Go and tell the foreigner, "no thank" for their idea, and let them taste
the true power of unity (the sum of China instead part of China).

God blesses China and its people,

Forest Servant.

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i believe making taiwan the top political agenda serves china's interest in many regards... and these interests outweigh the interest of peace for the CCP leaders... it's not just about territorial integrity, there's a lot of power struggle involved. please don't be misguided because it's people like you that will determine china's future.

lets try to learn from Taiwan and understand the taiwanese identiy for the sake of peace and freedom!

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CCP is not Slavery.

CCP is not slavery, but a form of govenment.

Slavery is when you (the master) forced people to work the land AND
you (the master) keep all the gain to yourself.

Unlike slavery, CCP is people work together as a whole to better their
society, and the government (including Moa) is not the master who
keep all the gain. At first, yes, people were forced to work the land
in order to quickly eliminate famine. But once the isssue is under control,
the system become more relaxed as one can see what China is like
today. And it will continue to evolve into yet a more and more relaxed
society, while living no one behind. It is not that easy to care of 1.3
billions people, and I salute the CCP for their accomplishments.

And my dear TwChinese, you keep insist on talking. My question
is did we overlook anything, after 50 years of talk? And just how long
more you want to continue to talk? I believe the people of China have
the right to know a finite time because China national security is at
risks without Taiwan under its umbrella. Moreover, the offer exclusive
to taiwan is practically lost-less to anyone on the Island. Therefore,
please reconsider your judgement and decision quickly.

God blesses China,

Forest Servant.

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