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Zhang Ziyi NewZ and PhotoZ [Copy link] 中文

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Do you like the above picture?

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the photo

yes, i adore that photo, ( at the beginning of the thread that i first posted ) it is one of my favourites.
it seems to radiate Fun, enthusiasm
its was taken during the "Hero" promotion / showcase.

heres another

from Oscar night

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Don't really like her

Nothing special to look at.  Not a patch on my gf.  Or my ex-gf for that matter.

Maybe it's a Chinese/Western thing.  I often find girls that my Chinese friends like unattractive and vice versa.

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder",


you brought up two very good points that are very relevant to this forum. ( culture )

"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", and i completely believe it should be.

It is not uncommon to view ones own G/f,  as the mostly beautiful in the world
that is a statement of loyalty and is very admirable, a representation of your
honour and to announce publically is quite respected in any culture.

variation in personal preference is interesting and it is so good we can share it.
I have noticed radically different preference or interpretation of beauty
can occur even in small a sphere as a household or neighbourhood
as much as a country or the world.

and ,..........onward............

According to most Fan sites, most westerners became fan' s of Zhang Ziyi
after seeing the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden dragon.
her performance in this movie, was captivating but also, importantly for the future,
very accessible.   ........but was it just her, it could not be only that. has to be that mythical something... ........X-factor.....?

beauty and denial of beauty, is equal in any culture
Even if Zhang Ziyi's beauty is denied on a personal preferential level
her achievements and success as evidenced, cannot.

any thoughts on the impact Crouching tiger Hidden Dragon made on awareness of Chinese films?

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Zhang Ziyi in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

Zhang Ziyi in Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon.

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she isn't disliked for beauty

this is getting interesting,i even got down to thinking what changed my mind...i used to like her,when she didn't speak much.i do think she has a precisely comely face
but i can't remember when,she started to have this arrogant look,became well-known for her bad attitude,short temper,impatience and her bitterness towards other actresses.way before she won her reputation in the interntional movie industry,she already had the worst of super stars.
and the thing for which many Chinese women hate her that much,as well as most fans like her,is perhaps the sexiness she tries to display.she doesn't show grace to match the attraction,more often,we see a hormone crazed expression written all over supposed-to-be-innocent face.the sexiness women appreciate should be like Faye Wang.females are quite sensitive when it comes to men it may both be just beautiful
and her it's in the eye of beholders.i remember seeing one look on her face in her debut.but she did improve afterwards

anyway,i don't dislike her,she just doesn't interest me

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Challenging Characters

Thanks for your good interesting perspective Felinity,

The diversity in Zhang Ziyi's expression / characters can be demanding on an audience

Crouching tiger hidden dragon, demanded  her character be a teenager in mental and physical turmoil...this was also the demand in Hero.......quite theatrical but we can see a trade mark developing here where her characters reach out to us and challenge us personally......and on second thoughts, this also could be the case in Musa.....where I heard people demand "she needs a good slap", then I hear re-assurance that "its only a character" hahahaha, which makes me think sometimes, "maybe Zhang ziyi is too good at this".

Rush Hour 2,  as bad girl Huli....her sweetness.....then sudden transforms quickly to Crazy.
The closing scenes, she walks in carrying her home made bomb, with very hardened stare,
but her cute voice, instantly draw thoughts of "how about I turn off the bomb timer for you and give you a hug"
I liked this movie so much my band wrote a song about Huli....

heres our coca cola edit.....

Love or not love, like or dislike, Zhang Ziyi certainly grabs the attention, and that is what will win her an Oscar.

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