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帮忙翻译这些中国人才会用的句子啊,拜托了!! [Copy link] 中文

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1 欢迎欢迎,一路辛苦了。

2 同志们好!同志们辛苦了!

3 您年纪这么大,身体还是这么健康。

4 招待会现在开始。

5 招待会现在结束。

6 出席今天开幕式的贵宾有……

7 现在请……讲话。

8 请问您要找谁?

9 请多提宝贵意见。

10 请多多批评指正。

11 怎么样,今天就谈到这里吧?

12 中国菜习惯吗?

13 今天的菜不好,请多多包涵。

14 敬你一杯。

15 现在我想借主人的酒,提议为……干杯!

16 这是区区薄利,不成敬意。

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13 今天的菜不好,请多多包涵。
These are our favourite celebrity dishes. Please enjoy!

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Re: Only reference

1 欢迎欢迎,一路辛苦了。 Welcome-welcome, all the way hard.

2 同志们好!同志们辛苦了!
How are you comrades?/ You comrades have been working hard.
How are you chief?/ Serve the people.
3 您年纪这么大,身体还是这么健康。You the aged is so respected, and your body is still so healthy.

4 招待会现在开始. I now declare reception begin.

5 招待会现在结束。I now declare reception is over.

6 出席今天开幕式的贵宾有……Today, the honored guests who attend the opening ceremony, they are ……

7 现在请……讲话。Now please …… speak.

8 请问您要找谁? Would you like tell me who's wants to see?

9 请多提宝贵意见。 Please everybody bring up suggestions for me.

10 请多多批评指正。Please everybody criticize to me earnestly.

11 怎么样,今天就谈到这里吧?OK! How about it(today's lesson)? today our time is up!(see you next time!)

12 中国菜习惯吗?Are you used to have Chinese food?

13 今天的菜不好,请多多包涵. Please excuse me for today's meal.

14 敬你一杯。May I now propose a toast to our friendship!/ your healthy/ our first know...

15 现在我想借主人的酒,提议为……干杯!
I want to make the wine of the host(present Buddha with flowers) given by another, I now suggesting to cheers for the …… !

16 这是区区薄利,不成敬意 This is such a small gift which only show my respect for you.

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thanks a lot. they are assignment of my intercultural course, so they shouldn't be translated word by word but should according to culture. but thank you all the same.

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