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Who are the real friends of China, amongst European countries? [Copy link] 中文

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While u guys are enjoying the silence from the Chinese nation....

.....observe what is going on in Semite world.......

It is going to be interesting to see. ASEAN has no problem with CHICKENS, only probably Phillipines has fallen into the trap, the rest is pretty much okay.

Moreover Singapore is pretty busy with Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.

It is going to be very peaceful in ASEAN.


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I think France is friendly to China


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Sincere friendship comes NOT from France

As earlier posters have commented - France sees $$$ only.  While Germany is clearly interested in making money in China, their motivations are not purely financial, I believe.  Germans genuinely like the Chinese - read the recent book about the German businessman who saved thousands of Chinese from the Japanese during WWII in Nanjing.

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I think for China to have real friends, it must be a friend in return. All countries seem to have a vested economic interest in each other, some more so than others, but this is not friendship. Governments are not elected to be friends, they are elected to achieve the most for the people in their countries and if propaganda labelling  "friendship" gets more for a country then that is what needs to be done.

As China's power increases, I think it will need to start playing more of an international role with global current affairs rather than keeping to itself . This in turn I think will start to cultivate a broad basis for pseudo-friendships as common interest and goals are discovered.

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Britian, France, Germany.

em......I hat to break it to you, but .there are more than three countires in the EU

Oh yeah.......Holland got a mention..

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Many countries are friends of both U.S. and China

Of course there are many countries in the EU and most of them have good relations with both the U.S. and China.  Thus the embargo is a tricky issue.  From my experience of having discussions with many friends from Eastern Europe, it is easy to see that those countries usually support the U.S. much more (due to old communist bloch, soviet control etc.), thus they are less likely to want to lift the embargo. (due to american lobby)   However, I must admit that a friend of mine from Albania once told me that his country loved China and told me all about their historic friendship but he felt betrayed during the Kosovo war etc. where ethnic albanians were victims and China did not support the actions.  so give our take, Europe is wide and varied and opinions jump around.

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re:Who are the real friends of China, amongst European countries?

In my opinion,there has not true friend in this complicated world.Between two nations,there has only benefits.we still remember that almost all European countries once invaded China in 19th century.Now,China are communicating with all countries in Europe,it seems that all of them are friendly to China.One of the most imporatnt reasons is that China has become one of the most powerful nations,Communicating with China will benefit them and their countries.

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