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Who are the real friends of China, amongst European countries? [Copy link] 中文

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Originally posted by wuzhilaowai at 2008-4-20 11:53
Hehe, sure. No pressure on the Irish at all, lest they become the Taiwan of Europe...!

Not only the Irish. If it touches the constitution  of member states then there will also be new referenda in the Netherlands and France.

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Ok, but I thought Sarkozy said that he would never put it to referendum because he knows that the result will be rejection... Same with Britain, I'm not sure about netherlands. Ireland is the only one that *must* vote on it, every other country it's just parliaments doing the ratification.

Somebody did a poll and 86% of British wanted a referendum on it, and 88% of those said they would vote to reject it. Not a very trustworthy poll though.

It's a shame that in order to move EU forward, they have to start silencing the voices of people somewhat. It does make the EU seem slightly less benevolent than it aims to.

Well on it's way to being the new Soviet Union, perhaps?

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Fully agree with Wuzhilaowai as to the tricks of the crooks , who keep Euro peoples away ( Ireland being the only exception) from having a say on the most important factor of their future.

All nations except of Irish are being cheated to live in "demo cracies" with new Euro characteristics = you have nothing to say about what your country's future will be.

Yet, I see more attention going to pro tests about Tbt issue than about the most imortant thing for Europeans. How stupid we Euros are...
Andy Dob

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i am swiss

and can only speak for my country.

Most here are positive toward chinese people and culture, but not at all at the momentanous capitalistic dominance over any spiritualism or anything else in nowadays (so called commuistic...what a joke) PRC....

Chinese products are cheap, but i know more and more people who stop buying chinese products, but not for racism, for other reasons

1. The quality is often so bad, that you save more money by buying a quaity product than e chines product which is broke after 2 weeks...
2. Some people dont want to buy from not democratic countries
3. Some fear they weak their own industry (and jobs) if buying from china

all three reasons are not wrong fbh...

One interesting point are chinese tourist... sudenly a very big group in switzerand.... interestingly enough, they behave much more like europeans.... not like japanese or other asians....

You are as rude as we are :)

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Do it .


You are entitled to your opinion and you are allowed to spend your money as you wish . These points are relevant :

1).  This anti this-or-that ,  anti made-in other countries'  goods is not new . It was all anti Japanese goods in the 60s when they threaten the jobs and income of the west .  In the end , and now , the world cannot get enough of them . So it is with China . Stop buying them yourself ( and your friends and families ) on principle.  I'd much like to see such people walking around without clothes , shoes , toys and air conditioners at home !!

2)  If you are principled enough not to buy from nondemocratic countries , then whose goods would you buy ?

3)  This myth that jobs losses from advanced countries are due to cheap labor in poor countries is a myth . The basic labor cost in places like Switzerland ( pensions , medical subsidies ) are a joke .  It is a Utopic living no one can afford . Even if India and China were to stop manufacturing goods from today , your jobs will still be outsourced on technical and time availability scales .  

Good luck with the boycott . Love a principled man in action .

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i never said

that i don`t buy chinese products. I just said i know many who try to stop chinese products....

It would even be very very difficult, almost impossible, in some productfields to principally boycott chinese products.... clothes e.g.

1) you missed my point somehow....
2) well...Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan... even USA if necessary
3) this point is very difficult, and there are many very different opinions about this.... but my personal point is that i try as often as possible to buy a product from my own country, but not for every price

btw this is a thread about who is chinas friend in europe, not about boycotts etc... just wanted to show the swiss point of vue, their feelings anf fears about china, which is not principal aversion at all

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Actually,no "real" friend

Personally "friend" is not a precise word used to define the relations between any two countries all over the world.
Friend means a lot: concern, unselfishness, sincerity and so on. I can say every country is an individual and every country is striving for itself. Today, more and more countries are involved into the international affairs with a requirement of taking more responsibility. But in fact, smart enough, they  all conduct the commitment on the basis of their own national interest. You may receive support from the outside world, but at the same time, devotion is a necessity.
In the bilateral relations, no matter how friendly and prospective it is, are all based on mutual benefit.
Because of subprime mortgage crisis, the international economic panorama seems to be a little tense. Maybe like I saw on a website month ago, the America and the Europe need a prey to pay the bil. At this moment, the word "friend" is especially fragile.

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