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Chinese girls and money [Copy link] 中文

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But most of them do define it, to a tee:)

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adventurous explaine


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come one people, you are all forgetting something here, its called free will.

Do people not control their own actions. If some guy goes to china and cheats on his wife with some cute little asian girl who was all so tempting all that shows is that he is not a good man. that is all. sure environment dictates much of our actions, but when people are so easily tempting to cause great pain to their family by breaking codes of honour so easily it goes to show lack of loyalty, disrespects, unfaithfulness - it has little to do with how china is loosing its moral fiber it once had. People are always talking about the good old days, well, sorry but those dont exist. Things are always changing and you gotta roll with it. There will always be strong people who are unhindered by the outside world and there are those who will always fall victim to their own lust and the temptation of things outside - it has nothing to do with china its people - and only through these kinds of tests can people really determine character. So for those men whose family was wrecked by going to china, all i have to say, it was coming no matter what - sooner or later some cute secretary co-worker back in their home town was going to be the same temptation that some little chinese girl was in china - simply put: a weak human.

how much power does a cute girl posses over a man married with kids??? I agree with adventurous

xiphoid, please take control of yourself  - free will is a terrible thing to waist

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I don't entirely agree

Every man has his breaking point. I know I got one, and so do you.  This is why my wife didn't want me to go to china, and I agreed because I know it's a risk not worth taking.

To say that the man had it coming is taking the easy way out.  He had a happy family, and after all these years of marriage, he didn’t have a problem here.  But there was enough temptation in china to make him risk all that he had for a girl. You don't think the girls here are good looking enough?  No.  I think it has more to do with the fact that over here, there are fewer girls of that type, and we are more insulated from them by our religions, families, even companies where we work (dating between employees are banned where I work).

We all know how distance and time can weakens a relationship.  So that's one factor.  The other is the exotic nature of the encounter, the novelty has an extra "pull".  Then there is the “business” practice – what’s with all the alcohol?  Then there is the aggressive nature of some chinese girls and their infatuation with everything western.  I have also heard from colleagues who have been there, the hotel calls and all.

Not to say that all chinese girls are like that, I’m sure they are a very small minority, but when you have 1.3 billion people, a small % is a large number.  Also, I'm not saying everyone will give in.  But it's certainly not a favorable environment for foreigners (or even business men away from home) to maintain loyalty.  And anyone who says that he can maintain moral compass under any temptation is not being realistic.  

I sincerely hope that my loyalty to my wife can withstand a test like that.  But I’m all too keenly aware that we all have our breaking points.  That’s why it’s not a test I’m willing to risk unless I have to.  By not volunteering for the last opening in China, I'm practicing my free will.  It's a shame that the knowledge I used to make that decision had to come from the ruins of another family.

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It happens a lot amongst foreign men and chinese girls, nothing surprises me no more.

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i thought

a waist was a terrible thing to mind

medical researchers found significant associations between apnea-hypopnea index and the following: body weight, body mass index, the sum of fat skin folds, and the percentage of body fat; levels of fasting blood glucose, uric acid, and fibrinogen; and leptin levels.

so, besides the psychological symptoms, kanyuek, you need to see your registered medical doctor for your obesity concern.

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Adventurous, Stay within the topics of this thread and NO PERSONAL ATTACK

The Moderator has posted serious warnings to all in this CHINA DAILY FORUM--NO PERSONAL ATTACKS !!

The is no kanyuek in this Forum !!!

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