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Chinese girls and money [Copy link] 中文

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Success stories

Armed with a TOEFL, Dave went to Japan to teach English.  
After a few years, he gained sufficient knowledge of Japanese and built up local contacts. He purchased a domain name for $25 and set up his website through a DNS (about $200 a year).

It included information, both in English and Japanese, of comprehensive and relevant information for Japanese students wanting to go to his home country for language immersion courses or for higher learning.

It reached so many Japanese cyberusers and he began to receive paid advertisements on his website from:
schools, colleges, universities, language institutions
homestay families, who provide bed and breakfast to foreign students
youth hostels

Within a few years, he sold off his site for a hefty profit (some estimated it around a conservative $3M).

At the end of his teaching contract, Frank took up a venture.  He was always interested in import and export.  He scouted for products in cottage industry and became a full time purchasing agent for a large distributor down under.  

John was the studious type, who enrolled for a correspondence course at a UK university.  He returned to London to complete his bar exams and is now an investment lawyer in a bank.  His experience in Asia is definitely helping him.

England, China, and any other country are quite similar, and people believe that caste systems no longer in existence.  Some regional quotes – “no money no talk” “no wive no problem, no money people laugh”.  Do anyone still think in terms of ---- lol
Upper class, middle class and working class.
Golden gate to golden gate, bamboo gate to bamboo gate
Brahmins, warriors, merchants, laborers, untouchables
Japan too have their burakumins.

Why are there exclusive golf clubs and country clubs catered only to a specific group of people?
Why do JAL still upgrade passengers to first class seats if they dress in Burberry and carry Gucci bags?

My sis says you think too much of ‘relationships’!
It’s more important to have personal fulfillment and pursue your dreams.
Good luck in whatever your endeavours be.

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ha ha ha

Adventurous:  "A rich kid is LESS likely to steal because he needs money."

What planet are you living on?  Ha ha ha!  Rich kids can't live without an endless supply of money.  They are brought up to crave it and worship it.  They will do anything to anybody to get it.

It's the poor kids that have the immunity to money.  They're accustomed to doing without.  They're less likely to abuse others for self gain.  And without an inheritance, they are far less likely to become landlords, employers, or other scum.

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I say "Thank You" to all TEFL native speakers in CHINA !!

Your pivotal role as a native speaker to teach English as foreign language teacher is greatly appreciated  in CHINA and your contribution to the "GREAT LEAP" of CHINA will not be forgotten!!

The most pronounced features of being a TEFL teacher in CHINA is :

"It is not just a job, but an adventure !"

You bring fresh ideas, cultural differences, technological and innovative ideas into the young minds of the Chinese men and women and make contribution to our great economic progress in the next generation.

I understand the pay is not great but just think about spending one to two years in an exotic place to enrich your personal experience but on the other hand "exchange" your experience with others to make this world a better place.

When you in your 40's and look back, you will definitely agree such experience as a TEFL teacher is worth more than your paycheck, your living condition or your current apartment you are living in.

" The worst thing is to waste the mind of young men and women in CHINA and you have the ability to influence them in a positive way as a role model and  it will defintiely  pay off in many years to come"



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My university has been sending "matriculated" students to CHINA for over 125 yea

They send five graduates each year to five different Asian countries for 1 year exchange program and the program sends a very diversified students, 60%-75% female and 25-40% male graduates all races and ethnicity.

They do not choose SZ because it is too close to Hong Kong and is greatly influenced by  the capitalistic rich Hong Kong Chinese culture.

Instead, TEFL teachers go to Shanxi University and stay  for "one" year assignment  and return back to campus to "give back" one year as a special scholar-in-residence. (only one out of five is chosen !)

Throughout this 125 plus years, 11 "TEFL" teachers were murdered and killed during the "Boxer Rebellion" in late 1800's, the exchange program was suspended during WWII and around 1949 but resumed later on.

All the TEFL teachers returned back from CHINA continued their studies in graduate schools and brought  with them a fresh new prespective about CHINA and many of them became Proferssors in East Asian Studies in prominent unversities and such experience can not be done without spending 1 year abroad to CHINA.

  I hope you enjoy your stay in CHINA and getting involved with "female" friends will distract your committment in reaching the goal and objective as a TEFL teacher !!

Thanks !

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mmm...good points ilunga

I've been to Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, and I honestly wouldn't want to live in any of them.

I can see why mate. Especially as Shanghai is considered to be even worse than Shenzhen in terms of materialism and money. And Guangzhou seems too crowded and stressful.....I gotta get out to the provinces as you said,i don't mind the cold and wont miss the materialistic false culture in the cities.

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When I look back (and you Manchester guys, I'm originally from your neck of the woods) we are all so much better off than we were not so many years ago. The back streets of ShenZhen had a certain 'Coronation Street' element to them, don't you think? Are we all just too gready these days?

God, dont even get me onto Boddingtons bitter and pie and chips.....homesickness alert! mwaaaa........

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winners and losers

Within a few years, he sold off his site for a hefty profit (some estimated it around a conservative $3M).

It's all about winning or losing in Shenzhen, now i cant stand the place, got to get out, anywhere, somewhere, god please......

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