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在英语中, 表示上厕所有几种说法? [Copy link] 中文

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it depends

when you were at a host's home as a guest ,if you want to go to toilet ,you should ask "where is the bathroom?".However ,when you were a restaurant ,you should ask "where is the loo?"

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一个满好玩的说法是i hear the nature's call, or i'm going to answer the nature's call.
或者也可以说i'm going to make myself comfortable, 这种人家也理解的
ps:人家问“is there anybody in?”,最好不要回答yes, there is.而可以说i'm using it.

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re 本着科学的态度, 上厕所

“上厕所”最常用的表达方法就是“go to washroom”,一切中文中可用“上厕所”的地方均可用“go to washroom”,甚至你描述你在“便秘”也可以说“hard to go to washroom”,描述“腹泻”也可以说“go to washroom often”,如果你非常着急要上厕所,可以说“I really have to go to washroom”或“use the washroom” .

走肾: watermelon makes me wanna pee like a racehorse

when you are finished , you may say : "now i'm feeling better/comfortable"

要上厕所还可以说: "excuse me but nature calls"

大便 :
"drop my kids off", “take a poop”,“take a dump”,“take a crap”,“take a shit”,越往后越粗俗。还有一类是专家,医生,或研究大便的科学家,他们会用非常正式,非常文雅的词:“stool”、“fessces”、“bowel movement”、“defecate”,前两个是名词,指你生成的东西,后两个是动作。

It's "I gotta pee"or "take a leak" or "go tinkle"with family or in casual company. In public You are looking for a "restroom" or  "washroom."  "Go potty" is used on occasion (by kids) and only for humor.

In more formal settings (the aforementioned restaurant, fancier friend's house gathering, or business setting), you may say, "I need to excuse myself to the ladies' room. Pardon me."

if you are on a first date or something, it's either "'scuse me," or "be right back." apparently, no need to use full sentences when it comes to urination.

当外国友人 爬长城期间问你:"can i go somewhere?"
请不要回答 :"sure, you can go anywhere"

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Where is the John!

pay attention to do forget art. "THE"

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