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The British Empire Gentleman's Club is gaining benefits from China! [Copy link] 中文

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The Saudi government should look into their strategic interest.

The New Saudi government should look at their geo political position.

The Market for crude oil and gas.
(1) Little Dragons - Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and ASEAN core states.
(2) European Union - Savvy France but military weak Germany and Italy.
(3) American Predatorial + Zionist "world dominating wannabes"!

The threats
(1) American Predatorial instincts. "going for No. 1 National Instincts"
(2) Traditional Persian Imperial habits. (Imperial habits dies hard!!!!)
(3) Turkish Imperial behavior.

The Geopolitical Gentleman gamers.
(1) British Club - it could guarantee Arabian sovereignity via its "leveraging powers" at the key waterways. + a Rather strong combined BRITISH CLUB NAVY and STRATEGIC LAND BASES.
(2) American Naval presence to deter INDIA's Indian Lake ambition.
(3) The MARKET PROWESS and DEMAND of the NEW MIDDLE KINGDOM. The new middle kingdom is also establishing friendship bases all around the world which can also guarantee Saudi GUARANTEE TO FREEDOM AND PROSPERITY!


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Britain and the British Club know how to take care of its interest!

As you in the non-British Club nations may not know or realize it....the basis of the British Club might and wealth belongs to...

(1) Banking and Oil business.
(2) Corporations that has interest in critical resources like coal, iron ore, aluminium, tobacco, medicines, non ferrous metals and
(3) Military-Industrial complex - mostly naval and airforce.

Just the companies HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank, Bp and Shell profits equal nearly 5% of the British Isle GNP. As American real economy falls further from 18% to eventual 15% of world's material consumption...the value of American investment becomes less and less vital to British Club interest while that of China 25%, Europe 20%, India 10%, Little Dragon 10% and Greater ASEAN 5% becomes more and more important to the British Club....since we are a great commodity, financial and oil/gas supplier in the world!

British Club for 'world peace!


fm Gd.

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God save the Queen!


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Britania rules the sea?


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Hey grim dragboy

This one's my favourite,

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Perhaps the UK will give back the treasures stolen

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I think UK should use those treasures as stakes...

..chips to be used at the bargaining table...

this is a global geopolitical game...
everything is useful......

Green Dragon

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