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The British Empire Gentleman's Club is gaining benefits from China! [Copy link] 中文

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London chinese like the UK, ask them yourself

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Mr. Christopher, would it be the Labour Gentleman! ha ha ha ha ha

Now i am more convinced that the Bp explosion in Houstan, Texas is a "strange accident" to show "soft British power".

The few incidents:-
(1) British complicity in Iraq but occupy the easiest part, Basra - where 3 mbd of the 3.8mbd is located.
(2) Independent nuclear force - 4 Slbm with 500 nukes.
(3) Apparent support by Australia and Brazil to supply China with Iron ore while making Japan pay a high price of US$125/tonnes (about 4x more than what chinese steel mills pay) - ensuring a compliant Japan.
(4) Canada joint venture with Sinopec, to ensure Chinese nuclear slbm protection of Canada.
(5) Friendly relationship with China and allowing more Chinese immigration into British Club nations.
(6) More Canadian, British and Australian movies in South Africa, Malaysia and Singapore.
(7) Bp very strong research into bio-fuel oil seeds for Saudi Arabia and Sichuan, China.
(8) Shell plc, Bp plc strong investment in LNG, petrochemicals especially in the core supercenters of Chengdu, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing-Tianjin region.

The British fears America and can read their tricks. That Sillypore red dot better make friends with British club and maybe "betray"China to Americans to protect their YELLOW ARSES.

ha ha ha ha ha ha


Master Yoda
Jedi Council

New Middle Kingdom.

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What can one say...?


I started laughing just after the mention of the Bible Code, and then I reached "It was the Americans who dragged the British into World War 2......"

I stopped laughing.

Do you think he really believes all this?

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Hitler was manipulated into power in Germany.

Hitler was financed by American and British Jewish bankers. All he has to do was to provide this same bankers with exclusive oil import rights into Germany - should he become the Chancellor  in the German government. (that's how the SS, Hitler's militia and key power base was built!!!!!)

You can watch this in Jewish movies about "Hitler". It is all there, the Jews did not lie, they tell you out clearly if only you can read between the lines.

Without money, Hitler could not possibly win Germany. And Yes, The Walkers (George Bush family, had a hand)! The Fords also supported the Nazi....for different reasons...they fear America being ruled by Jews and the white boys made into nothing better than ANIMALS or GOYIMS.

Yes! The Jews knew about Hitler "anti Jewish mentality" such the Goyim can be used in interesting way...knocking down the British Empire after the incestous relationship with American Hoods was in accord.

Britain was dragged into World War 2 to be cut down to size!!!!!! AFter that, a systematic PROPAGANDA WAR started with RICH AMERICAN, poor downtrodden englishman with NASTY TEA DRINKING ARISTOCRATS....the English took the bait, it even cause England to turn socialist, destroyed the English automotive and steel industry with non stop strikes, and a "eye catching" Irish rebellion financed by American and Irish sources....

And Rhodesia, South Africa was convenient (i do not support the enslavement of Africa but this was what happened!!!!) to break the British Club bases around the world....

Didn't you hear about it, my friend .....Jewish people had migrated to America way before world war 2 started!!!!! The stragglers are probably the sacrifized........

No Joke!

Those Goyim making race DO BELIEVE that there are CHOSEN to RULE OVER WHITE BOYS!!!!!!!!!! All those who join them are JEWS, to rule over the GOYIMS. READ YOUR BIBLE, even stupid YELLOW Boys believe it!!!!

Heck! Not our problem here in the New Middle Kingdom.


Game Master
Lord of the code.

Of course i am joking! This Is BBS - Bullshit Bulletin Service....but the possibility is quite unavoidable, even Jewish people believe in it!!!!! That Jews sacrifized other Jews for GREED!

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Stop thinking in terms of country
Start thinking in terms of company and pesonal interest

This is how the world is run.

Otherwise you are falling prey to nationalistic propaganda.

Believe me the elites in your country are thinking about more money in their pockets and less about developing the country unless to receive more money in their pockets while satving off revolution.   They are thinking about how to develop while sustaining their wealth and position.

Don't be naive.

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Naw Mr. Grenadier98, it is need both.... need a CONFUCIAN bureacracy to keep a nation well run, well supplied....

...and you need that 2nd government to control the CONFUCIAN bureacracy if it gets dominated by a TYRANT and seek to be THE LAW or the THE TRUTH....ha ha ha ha ha

Wow! Mr. Grenadier98 - why you use so many names when CD keeps tripping you up by letting the whole forum know you true identity...ha ha ha ha ha

Wow! The British Club is flexing its muscle with the Trafalgar commenration.

So you are Canadian, the Chihuahua dog citizen.

Are you also a Media person?

Fm Gd.

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Post time 2005-7-1 05:27:50 |Display all floors

Not Grenadier 98....check my posts MATRAMAN and see if similar writing

I'm not he.

See, somehow he's linked to me.  Don't know who he is.

Anyway, MNC's rising in power......States (gov'ts) weakening.

Elite classes of every nation manipulate their populace, as governments had before, with nationalistic sentiment.

Rather than hate,..... love.
Rather than believe,....... question.
Question it all..........

I'm no conspiratorial theorist but will tell you gov'ts spout their crap, supported by biased media to sustain the wealth and psoition of the privelaged few.  Regardless of location on the globe.

Me I respect the things that werecreated by nature or whatever you prefer, can handle, more than the works of man, culture, country, or creed.

They've each fed us all a pile of dog Sh*t,

I stopped believing any of it long ago.

I am born to this world, a human being, and know that there is more to life than what most people want to believe, by experience I know.

It's like watching a bunch of starving rats in an aquarium fighting over a scrap of lettuce.  I just sit back, look, watch, and listen and am amazed.

Humanity is going backwards, falling to its destruction.

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