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The British Empire Gentleman's Club is gaining benefits from China! [Copy link] 中文

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Just for this thread I'm gonna personally write to Tony Blair and advise him to liberate our territories in Canton and elsewhere in your so-called 'People's Republic of China'.   

Get ready to bow down to the Queen again greendragon.

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Long live the Queen!

Britania rules the waves!

But Guandong and Shanghai is paying tribute to the British Gentleman's club now - oil supply contracts while the British are repaying by buying garments from its old colony of Hong Kong.

The English are welcomed to invest in Hong Kong and Shanghai, its old hunting ground in order to gain the revenue for its club! Malaysia and Singapore are already very busy in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Long Live the Queen!

But beware Mr. Uber, Alberta with its oil and grain, British Columbia with its timber, paper and pulp are prized catch for the American Empire!

Relax, Mr. Uber, its only a matter of time before Canada becomes an American state! Remember Bernard Shaw's movie My Fair Lady! The way Americans pried away the Empire from the Queen.

That was the real reason for the Queen (G-d bless her) crying on the ending of "Fox hunting with dogs by the English Lions!".

The final nail! We lost our dogs, we lost our "courage" and now we got Foxes howling at our doorstep!

Boo hoo hoo

Long Live the Queen!

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UK vs US?

I thought the US, UK and Australia are forming Anglo-Sphere...

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Yeah rite - if you have talked to a English gentleman!

He would have told you how "bitter" England is to have been deprived of the "Empire"!

It was the Americans who dragged the British into World War 2 and usher in a Successful Propaganda War which broke Britain's back and lost Britain an Empire!

He will tell you about the "Hollywood trash" that destroy the English "psyche". How the American successfully destroy England from Rhodesia to encircling of Canada!

American way of life is simple NOT BRITISH!

If BRITAIN TRUST AMERICA, it would not need to maintain a nuclear force INDEPENDENT OF AMERICA'S. Look Canada, Australia does not possess the nuke because they have protection of the British!

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Things are not what it seems!


While the PAPA goes around with a LANGUAGE OF THEIR OWN.

And The British Gentleman's club if it is to survive absorbtion, must ensure the DEFENSE OF CANADA!

The danger facing Canada is

(1) Quebec sucession breaking Canada effectively into two parts. The Americans were close to succeeding with help from the French.
(2) Breaking of Canada and cultural encroachment will hopefully NET THEM ALBERTA...primary targets...and later the rest of Canada.

The correct STRATEGY  would be

(1) Appease Quebec - like having French Prime Minister or Head of State while the bureaucracy remains Commonwealth!
(2) Have a joint British/Canadian air and naval base. Store 50 nukes in Canada like what the Americans has done in Germany, Turkey, Japan and Britain. (These countries has 150 nukes in Germany, 150 nukes in Turkey, 100 nukes in UK and probably another 100 in Japan!) - courtesy of Guardian - an estimation - like the same estimation the Guardian has given.

Then the British Gentleman's club will have protected Canada!

American Empire would be contained!


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Let's talk about Indian Kongfu!

Ever heard of a Cantonese saying "Even the Gods have difficulty making money from the Indians!"

Yes, the Kongfu practise by the Indian tribe is most interesting.

The English empire might have been proud of WINNING INDIA but they were crying in their hearts - to be unable to make a profit until the discovered "Opium" sales to China!

ha ha ha ha ha

How about some Englishman tell us about India!

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"british gentlemen" I don't even know one.

And I live in a UK stockbroker belt. Most people here are -anti colonialist-many are anti royal...Almost all say UK history is full of wrongdoing.

Let those who have a past which is perfect have the right to criticise the UK.( in other words: Is your past perfect?)

The UK gives more to foreign aid charities every time than any other nation. We honour our tsunami money promises unlike other nations. We also invented the modern world and were industrialised 50 years before Germany.

When we kick out warmonger Blair we will be OK here in the UK.

Christopher, near London UK

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