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Caucasian Copulation with the Asian Population [Copy link] 中文

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White-devil, I don't find copulation with "White women" that fascinating!

1. First of all, white women have big asses, big pussies and 140-160 lbs sitting on top of your mouth is not a really good experience.

2. Oriental women are much slim and weighs "on average" 110-120 lbs or less and smaller in bone structure. So I prefer my kind.

3. I mean with respect it is an "ego" thing to get a "white girl" under your arm and I have outgrown that.

4. Sure, there are many slim white women but by 35-40 years old, white women " on average" weighs in 160-180 lbs. or more.

So different people, different strokes. My strokes belongs to my beautiful Chinese women !

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Dreamrider, it is the Westerners with AIDS who infected the Thais girls then inf

I hope Canadianguy have a "world mission mandate" to solve all the problems in this world and also blame everythings on  the Chinese.

I have repeated my strong and powerful message that condom is not 100% safe because it can rupture or "slip out" and actually leave inside the girl/woman's vagina and you can still be infected with AIDS despite wearing condom !!!

<<<I have taken out pieces or entire condoms from women's vagina in ER since late 1980 and one prostitute admitted knowingly the condom was left inside her vagina but she continued to get another "Johns" and another "Johns" !>>>

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Yeah, if you want something other than a tourist visa. You have to have chest X-rays and the odd blood test. Seems fair enough to me. I've had two HIV tests; one when I came to China and one when I spent a couple of weeks in hospital with a typre of infection AIDS sufferers commonly get.

I no longer have a tourist visa and still havent received this kind of testing and I have been in hospital twice since I have been here (once involving an infection that could be considered symptomatic of AIDS, and once involving an injury with lots of blood, never once was i tested!!)

So that is the only reason i said it is news to me....or maybe Shenzhen is more lax??

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hmmm again

ALL foreigners in China are likely to relatively wealthy and well-educated by their very presence and so should know all about safe sex and can afford condoms. They're unlikely to be drug users as well.

Have you ever visited Shekou in sex....pffft...out the window between chinese and foreigners....

Unlikely to be drug users............only the other morning i was having breakfast and tea in a bar in Shekou and saw one fellow englishmen high as a kite on K or some other stimulant, and another rolling a joint....Go figure!!

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I knew it... CURIOSITY kills the cat

I found a lot of your posts witty and fun.
Can you tell me what are considered subversive? political in nature?
Why some individuals seem to be getting away without a scat?
I'm really tired of the quarells and name calling out there,
so I put up Desiderata and it was immediately deleted.

Why are old people so vicious when they fight?
I don't want to grow old.

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It is no secret that I am Confucius

My user name was paused, then banned, and then paused again.
The moderators consider me a dangerous subversive element that must be followed carefully in all forums.

Perhaps you can get a job as a China Daily forum moderator, comrade Furbag!   The pay is not very good, only 1 mao for each deleted post.  

(10 Mao = 1 Yuan,... look familiar?)

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