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Caucasian Copulation with the Asian Population [Copy link] 中文

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Yeah, if you want something other than a tourist visa.  You have to have chest X-rays and the odd blood test.  Seems fair enough to me.  I've had two HIV tests; one when I came to China and one when I spent a couple of weeks in hospital with a typre of infection AIDS sufferers commonly get.  

Canadianguy is right.  Chinese people infecting other Chinese represent by far  the greatest risk.  Look towards dodgy blood transfusians and unprotected sex, especially with the (numerous) sex workers as the culprits.  China has a massive AIDS problem and there really should be lots of work being done -- top quality condoms provided free to "hairdressers" and needle exchange programs for intravenous drug users for example.  

Long term foreigners in China have mostly already been tested (and if positive sent home obviously) and tourists don't stay long that long.

ALL foreigners in China are likely to relatively wealthy and well-educated by their very presence and so should know all about safe sex and can afford condoms.  They're unlikely to be drug users as well.

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reply to tayjonjon

Your analysis seem to be little more then a cross between conjecture and wishful thinking.

I think it is clear that White man attracted to oriental woman because are more feminine.  I would suspect oriental woman are attracted to White man because they are more masculine.  

Sure, other things like wealth and confidence play a role.  But the bottom line that men are attracted to feminine traits and woman to masculine.  

This being the case, I find it hard to believe that oriental men would be attracted to White woman more then oriental woman.

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reply to dreamrider

I don't think that is correct.  AIDS is not trasmitted via normal sex between and man an a woman.  

I don't know of a single case of herosexuals transmitting AIDS in the Western world.  

AIDS is natures response to the unhealthy and dirty filthy and stinky sex that takes places between gay man.

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one step closer to death

casual sex is 1 step closer to death and physical suffering.  congratulations to those casual sex seekers, cheap sex seekers.  
people should be attracted to each other for who they are, to each other's qualities, not just the physical appearance.  

those "respectable Chinese women" and "well educated women" described above aren't that educated, neither are they respectable.

getting involved with the foreigners does not seem to be such a bit deal at all in china, why do they have to keep it in secret?  are they married, engaged, cheating on someone?

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To Canadianguy

I think you are definitely overreactive. My previous post does not have any intention of blaming foreign people bringing AIDS to China. Of course, I also have the least intention to discuss AIDS here, as Paused thought. I just blame those who sleep around, I did not mention where they are from.

You said it is those Chinese who caught AIDS through visiting cheap prostitutes in Thailand brought AIDS into China. So could you tell us from whom the Thai prostitutes got AIDS from? I think the answer is very obvious.

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Caucasian Copulation with the Asian Population

This thread was so popular at Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree.  It's a shame a few fools let it degenerate into some stupid boring AIDS discussion.
It's supposed to be about a fascinating phenomena.  
Maybe the concept is too advanced for this forum.
Perhaps I should have created just another simple Chinese Girl-White Boy thread, as if that topic hasn't already been beaten into lotus seed paste.

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