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Seeking western women [Copy link] 中文

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be careful

as a western woman i am a little worried that you have an unrealistic idea of what women are really like.  there really is nothing wrong with having a preference but you should beware of putting people on a pedestal.

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White women and Blackmen

I remembered at a White university that I attended once, the white woman shall I say loved being between the sheets with the Blackman. Is it true that Blackmen are so well endowed?

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Race is a preference


I'm new here.  So welcoming myself.  Reading thru some of the post here and I start wondering if people are really posting seriously or not.  Regardless,  if  he wants to be with a caucasian women so be it.   Some statements from him I would have to differ though.  

Race/ethnicity is a preference and everyone is entitled to there preferenece of attraction.  Mainstream White American media has everything out of perspective.  But, that is an entire new topic.   Media here portrays Asian Women with non Asian Men.  This is an acceptance of Asian Women into American mainstream.  For whatever that is worth.  With the little to none Asian Men in media gives an illusion that  Asian Women prefer non Asian Men.  It also, leads to believe that Asian Men are unsexually desired by any women of any culture or race.  Unfortuanately the masses are spoon fed ideologies.  Whether you like it or not.  If you buy into this notion.  Than you my friend have been spoon fed.

We Asian men are the bunt of every joke.  I've heard them all.  So save it.  Men of every race have a desire to conqueror.  I don't believe anyone should be conquerored but, it is a natural male instinct.   It's about power and feeling threatened of loosing power.  Prime example, only a few decades ago, the "white" man tried to suppress the "black" man.   A relationship between a "black" man and "white" woman was taboo/forbidden.  

However, this changed over time.   As, the "black' man had more  media exposure.  Whether it is sports, music, or movie media.  Media sets the image that we all (whether we like it or not) but into it fully or partially.  The "white" man's biggest nightmare has come true.  They can no longer suppress the "black" man.  Now it has become more or an acceptance.    This is true for the Asian man.   Every negative commit made about the Asian man is another's desperate attempt at suppressing the Asian man.  

But in the end the inevitable will happen.  It is just a matter of time.  Many of my Asian guy friends are married to Caucasian women.  Many of my Asian girl friend's expressing "prefers" Asian men.  Not every Asian girl wants a "white" or "black" man.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  Some prefer to date outside of their race some do not.  Its about preferences and attractions.  I personally am attracted to Asian women.  I am also attracted to Latina women.  I prefer brunettes over blondes.  I find some fair pale skinned ladies sexy and sometimes I find tannd ladies sexy.  This is my preference and it depends  if I am attracted to that women as an individual and not because of her ethnic origin.  I do not actively seek only "Asians" or only "Latinas".  If I did that it would make it a fetish and an unstable foundation to build any kind of lasting and meaningful relationship.  That kind of relationship is doomed to end before it starts.

It eerks me when "white" or "black" guys get rejected by an Asian and they use this line "what are you racist".  That is such a lame line.  If she prefers not to be interested in you let it be.   Do not pull "are you a racist" line on her.  I believe the only racist would be someone who gets humor out of Asian jokes (or any joke that makes any group of people the butt of the joke).  So get over it.  

The truth of the matter is many "white" women or "black" women are interested in dating an Asian guy.  Browse any Asian dating site and you will see "white" women or "black" women with a posting specifically for an Asian guy.  Sorry "white" and "black" guys but, it's true.   My coworker, who is black ,asked me why Asian guys only date Asian women and what she would have to do to date an Asian guy.  Sorry I don't have an answer for that one yet.    I've dated "white" women and they initiated the conversations and subtle flirts.  I'm an average looking Asian guy.  But it's about the personality.   Something about my personality attracted them to me.  

A non scientific poll was done.  Regarding Caucasian women and Asian men.  The results showed Caucasian women who participated in the poll wanted to date Asian men but did not know how to approach Asian men or worried that they would not be accepted.  The same results for Asian men.  The reality is approaching Cauasian women is no different than approaching Asian women.  Make her smile and laugh and feel comfortable and important.    Further proof.  I found a site founded by a Caucasian women who prefers Asian men.  Not sure if I can post it here.  But if you want to read more .    See her links to other asian resources.  

And as far as for regarding "black" man's "size".  Being "black" doesn't automatically make you "well endowed".   Its a myth.  It all depends on the guy.  
Some "black" and "white" guys have small weewees.  So don't be so naive to bring race into.  

And in regards to skin tone.

white people are actually more pink tone
black people are actually more brown tone
asian people are actually more olive tone

This post was long.  If you made it this far.  Than good for you

"anywhoo - no one really cares an life goes on"

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hey i really like what you had to say

i wrote something that might interest you on my weblog.  Visit my weblog at
However it differs from your comments a little in that I sound like I'm expressing a little frustration.  Check it out.  Thanks.

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well if he wants a western women why not?

let him try it out.. he'll figure it out fast enough if it's right for him or not.  i really don't think he should be picked on..

yes i can see why his motives would be questioned.. being a western girl in china. I would wonder 1. if he wants a passport and 2. is just curious as to what a piece of foreign booty is like.

but this is human nature.. People are curious and people want a better life and better oppertunities for the future nothing wrong with it..Although  you've got to be kidding if you think there is alot of oppertinuty out there..  China is booming with oppertunity right now thats why foreigners are comming here. Although as a Chinese person there is still problems here like health care and such that are hard to overcome.

i wish you luck on finding whatever your lookng for .

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family boy

1st,i wanna say i happy 2 hear that u r living in Qingdao,that means we r in the same city,lol
2nd,the foreign girls r not that good like u thought,u made such a big mistake there,they can make u disgusting.
3rd,if u wanna communicate sth. with me,pls PM me
BTW,im a man,lol

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