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OK Credoz, I heard a bell ringing so I appeared.

Age difference...............Two people of the same age, one extremely immature, spoiled, temper tantrums if he/she does not their way. Another mature, both feet on the ground, considers life logically, plans into the future.

Age difference.............Woman over 30, child, bitter from her marraige, family values, personal values shamed by society because her husband cheated. Man 50, no women of quality, foundation of the family, young enough but to old in years.

Age difference..........Woman 55, healthy, vibrant mentally active, attractive, children gone. Man 38, child, no women of quality to help raise his child. Dated but disappointed in who he has found.

Which couples have the best relationship? It isn't culture, race or even wealth that attracts most people. It is the needs of each to be fulfilled. Most men and women love to raise a child, even after they have raised their own. Both men and women need security, different types of security but still security. We often revert to our base instincts when choosing a mate according to what our genetics demand of us. Can he provide the masculine qualities her genetics demand, and can she provide the feminine qualities his genetics demand.

We often wonder to ourselves, "how did those two ever get together"?
Primarily we all ask these questions which are derived from our own genetic values. We apply our own values to their situation. Therein is the answer. We can not apply our genetic values to others because theirs are different from ours. An older person who is clear headed will apply their genetic values, man or woman. A younger adult with a child will also do the same.

The variation is the younger female or male with some past experiences will choose a mate only understanding some of their own base genetic needs. That results in unhappieness as before with other males or females.

So it comes down to the individuals involved. If each is mature in knowing their own base genetic needs, then they join with success. The others may have degrees of success which are sufficient to maintain a contented individual. That all depends on their tolerance of their own base values that are missing in the other. But if there is not enough of the base needs being met, it ends in failure.

The importance of a long term relationship before committment is vital to the success of the committed relationship afterwards.

There are many more factors, but the base genetic needs are involved first. Always. Even with short term relationships, the base genetics start with visual values of the individuals involved.

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OK let me expand on this thought......

Why does everyone look different? (no comments about one race looking all the same) Genetics.
Why are some families resistant to Cancer or other diseases? Genetics.
Why does one guy like a woman with a big butt and another likes smaller butts, breasts, etc. Genetics.
Why do some women like tall guys where others like short ones. Genetics.
The key is the purpose of our existance. Just as all the animals choose their mates (when possible) so do we humans. For a species to survive, it must populate.  We choose to produce a child who will be more likely to survive or have the features of one or the other mate which gives the genetic attributes of survival. The base.
We are what our ancestors were. After a few generations in one place or another the humans living there will adapt certain environmental adaptations. Example: Races who live in a hot environment produce less hair. Why? Hair insulates and does not get rid of heat very well.
Why are there very white Chinese compared to darker skinned Chinese. Environment. Each has adapted to their environment over the generations. Genetics.

Now for the Factor factor.........We humans think at a different level than the lower animals. We have the power to alter the course of our genetic pathways by using Choice. Now is this a brain power above the genetic demands. No. It is also genetics being dictated by nature. Once we have saturated our gene pool we must look outside the supply of women and men in order to continue our perpetuation of our species. We have learned that mother to son, father to daughter and inbreeding causes less than desireable results for the species. Therefor we have to look outside our range of breeding choices. With interracial breeding it is just a continuation of species propagation. I would guess that within a hundred thousand years we will all be a beige color.

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Hehe I dont think it's a problem.

I prefer man 5~10years older than me,while the truth is that my current boyfriend is 5 months younger than me....

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no definitely

people who share is possible to get in love

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I have no idea!

If  the couple dont care!
It's none of others businese!
It's according to the couples,not us ,ok?
If they love each other ,If they feel happy,let's give them best regard!
That's all!

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You bet your sweet ass it is a problem!!!!!!!!!!!

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