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My foreign teachers. [Copy link] 中文

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I began my study in an English college several months ago, where all the teachers are native English speakers. I found many differences between them and our Chinese teachers, and in order to avoid quick judgements, I've been observing till the end of this semester. Tomorrow we'll have the final. Now I think it's time to say something to all of you, welcome discussion.

1. They make mistakes.

And they admit that. At first, we were all afraid to speak out, to make 'ridiculous' mistakes, to lose our faces. Even some of us have already passed CET-6, we still dared not to express ourselves in our 'poor' English. When teachers said "your English is pretty good", we replied "I don't think so"!! When we were stuck in the conversation, we said "I don't know how to say that in English" with an embarrassing expression. But once a teacher said "peoples...", then he said "no, people, it can not be peoples, you see guys, I also make mistakes, so it really doesn't matter when you make them".

Yes, there isn’t any 'stupid' or 'smart' mistakes, just natural errors that could be made by any human. We are happy.

2. Marks can be changed.

As long as you could convince you teacher. After the mid-term exam, our test paper has been handed out. A teacher said: "If you think any of your answers deserve more marks, please argue with me. Convincible reasons can be accepted. I have tried once, it worked! I am happy.

3. No homework on weekends.

Sometimes on Friday, when teachers came up with some assignments, they would put them on the blackboard, but NOT "Due Mon.", because they hate leave us homework for weekends. They would put "Due Wed." or so. On weekends, we just relax. We are happy.

4. Never say "absolutely impossible".

Even if we gave some extremely unrealistic answers, they say "it's very hard to do that".

"It could be" instead of "no".

"A good try, but not correct" instead of "wrong answer".

"Close" instead of "not right yet".

5. Never be angry.

I don't know why, but they are always in good mood.

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about my foreign teacher

well I really agree to your opionions!
before I have foreign teacher, i really put great expectation to them.
but my first foreign teacher really disappoints me.
what he always do in the class is just to show us movie which i think it is really a waste of time!

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i dont agree with you

in fact,seeing a original english movie is a good way to learn english!

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please to try

some chinese teacher is always copy them ,and always don't do well like them.
in my inpion,the method is good ,but we are chinese ,when I am a baby,we have arealy a chinese teacher.the teach us to do ervrything ,and do the best for when we meet the foreigen teachers,we don't always fit for them.
so let's to have a try with foreigen teacher!

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It is funny...

...I am sure that every Chinese person here has had Chinese teachers who were good, and Chinese teachers who were bad.

But none of you say, "Chinese teachers are like this..."  Because you know, from experience, that there are many different kinds of teachers.  Some are interesting.  Some are boring.  Some care about their students.  Some don't care about their students.  Some are knowledgeable.  Some are not.

But then when you talk about foreign teachers, you try to describe them as all being the same.

Perhaps it is time to change your thinking a little?

There are some foreign teachers who are VERY good; and there are some foreign teachers who are VERY bad.  It has nothing to do with if they are foreigners or not.  

Why don't you just talk about "what makes a good teacher"?  Why does it have to be "foreigner" or "Chinese"?  The things that make a teacher a "good" teacher or a "bad" teacher are EXACTLY the same, regardless of nationality.

There are definitely some foreign teachers who are not qualified.  They've never studied to be teachers, they don't have experience, they don't know what they're doing.

Same for Chinese teachers -- what about all the Chinese teachers out there who are teaching English, but who cannot speak English themselves?  Or what about the Chinese teachers who have been teaching for 30 or 40 years, who still use outdated methods and materials, but who refuse to change?

Why does it ALWAYS have to be about "foreigner" or "Chinese"?

A good teacher is a good teacher regardless of their nationality.  A bad teacher is a bad teacher regardless of their nationality.

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Thank you everybody for your comments. Yes, we also see some movies, but before watching it our teacher gives us some materials about the background, and after showing it we have some discussion, which is very helpful.

When we watch the movie, we make some notes, and in the next period, I can't wait for our teacher's "any questions or comments about the movie?"

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To think critically is not bad, but is it for real that you want others to change their way of thinking?

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