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which job is better? [Copy link] 中文

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i'm a civil servant of the goverment.recently a hotel wanted me to be a vice-president.what shall i do?

the advantage of my present work is :without much pressure or burden or risk,steady income,being able to go home on time every day.

the disadvantage is :the salary is not high,no ideal,no creation.

the advantage of the hotel-job is:
relatively high salary,possibility of moving to work for other cities.

the disadvantage is :
unsteady,risk of unemployment,very busy.

by the way,i'm already 36.i have husband and a eight-year-old son.

give me an advice.

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Go with your heart

The first thing you should to do is ask yourself: Am I happy with the current job? Am happier for the new job? I think it is the key.  

The second is to make a rational analysis about yourself. Your strengh, your  ability, your knowledge. Which job is suit for you.

and do the right choice with your family. you need their support!

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discuss it with your family

it's really a personal choice, and you'll get different answers from different people here.  But none of us can truly appreciate your position.

Since you have a family, and I sense that you care about them deeply, then you should work out the answer with them.  Put the matter to a vote if you want.  ^_^

Be happy.  Cheers.

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you said good

thank you so much for good advices.
but whether or not because i'm a woman ,so you propose such sugession?if i were a man,will you suggest me discuss with my family?
i really want to decide this thing by family can't help fact they will most likely disagree.

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no, it's not because you are a woman

I suggested it because that's what I would have done myself.  :)  My wife is half of me, and half of this family.  I personally believe that it would be pretty selfish and unreasonable to make a decision of this magnitude without at least talking it over with my spouse.

And since you have a son, I think it would be a good idea to at least ask him.  Of course, opinions coming from an 8 year old, you have to treat them as such.

Of course, you have the right to make your own decision in the end.  But being married means that we both have obligations to our families.

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you are a good husband

how happy   your wife is !  how lucky !  can feel you love her very much.
you  must  be the economic pillar of your family.  but the economic pillar of my family is i have to want to do a little more greatly.
i'm often unhappy. but i'm much better now.thank you.

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you are too kind

I'm not really that good, but I try, and it helps that my wife has given me plenty of reasons for me to love her.  Guo jiang la.  ^^

Yes, I'm the main source of income for my family.  But that doesn't make my wife any less important of a family member, since we each do what we can for our family.  It's the same road that we travel on.

I'm sorry to hear that you are not always happy.  But then again, when has life ever been perfect?  :) Take things one day at a time, and think of all the things that you do have.  Health, a child, a place to call home...

Are you unhappy because your family doesn't have enough income?  If that's the *only* reason, then perhaps you can consider trying out the new job.  Or are you unhappy because of a problem with your spouse?  If that's the case, then I would suggest that you don't complicate the matter by going through a career change until the problem is resolved.  You should keep at one source of stability at any one time.  Either the family or the job.  It wouldn't be prudent to risk both at once, leaving nothing to fall back on.

My best wishes to you.  Take care of yourself.  ^_^

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