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Who changed more, Chinese men or women? [Copy link] 中文

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BOTH have change more

In my opinion,both man and woman  change more,for they connect tightly.
NO man no women,no woman no one can leave off

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Ok, I'm just an American

but aren't you forgetting about Yang Liwei?  I'll bet there are lots of other great Chinese men that could be named as well.

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I can't agree with you any more!

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Mu Zimei?

i v read a bundle of comments on her incredible(at least seems to me)sexual affairs with bundles of men, of course, most of them goes as critics. actually even in the western life, she ,together with her behavior, can not be treated as normal activity, instead, we d rather call it sex abusiveness.
she is not typical chinese girl, so she can not stand for the cute and mostly traditional girls here in China.
the reason that her story could be found in Times is that her story becomes a public concerned topic, which people like to discuss and think over. Really ridiculous if someone to worship matter of this kind!

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Mu Zimei is by no means typical but

she more or less symbolised the personality libration pursued by Chinese women (having said that I know I'm affending many Chinese women, but that's my observation).  

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Such erroneous, stupid thinking!

Do you think that Americans are so stupid as to think that Mu Zimei represents what Chinese women are? Such terrible, narrow-minded thinking.

In the rhetoric of your own political system, the Chinese people speak of revolution and liberation. Does that apply only to men, while women are oppressed and kept  caged as a man's property?

Not to bore those of you have read this, before, but--in January--I will be marrying a wonderful, virtuous, highly-educated Chinese girl.

She is not marrying me for money or to come to America, as I am not wealthy. She loves me and wants to marry me, because I treat her as and equal and greatly admire her many talents and abilities.

Although she is Chinese, she and I are completely compatible. She is liberated and more capable than most men.

Some of you are extremely insecure and equate being "liberated" as having the mind of a prostitute. But, men of China: how many of you--especially you businessmen who have a lot of money and travel--have not happily paid for the services of a Chinese prostitute within your country? Just exactly how does that make you less immoral than Mu Zimei, who has procured the sexual favors of many men?

Come to America and see how many people are disgusted by such a woman! And, also, ask American people if they think Chinese women are that way. I promise you that they will shout "NO, NO, NO" at you!

In fact, many American people think the complete opposite, thinking that all Chinese women are moral, which is also faulty thinking. One race is simply not perfect or more virtuous than another.

Mu Zimei? I might sit and have coffee with her, just to try to learn why she is the ways she is, but I certainly would not want any kind of relationship with her, just as I would not want a relationship of any kind with a white American woman who behaves in her manner. Sex with such a woman is a serious risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

I am very proud to be a monogamous male. Notice that I did not say "American," because that would imply, to some, that all American males are like me. The world is full of males who "can't keep it in their pants!"

Those of you, in China, who think women should be oppressed and caged as your personal pets--examine yourselves! You most certainly have no respect for Chinese women, which is so completely obvious by your lack in trust them. You are so fearful and insecure that they will think for themselves and throw away the Chinese men who are to dumb to become aware and change.

It is not Mu Zimei that Americans judge the Chinese by--it is the Chinese males who do not truly love and value their beautiful, precious women! It is the Chinese male who sells he precious girl babies to loving, white, non-racist families for adoption, because he values a male child more.

Before some of you become red-faced in rage, notice that I pointed out the examples of the stupid and hypocritical Chinese males, who actually hate women for anything except owning one to bear them a son and to be a house slave-- a beast of burden, like a farm ox. And, of course, that kind of male enjoys sex with women like Mu Zimei...but he is too cowardly to admit it here!

Oh, it is so easy for such a horrible kind of man to blame Mu Zimei and the west for the problems that he has created for himself. At least, in the west, Mu Zimei is being paid for her talk and appearance more than she would be paid in China.

Furthermore, if I were so stupid to believe that all Chinese women are like Mu Zimei, I can promise you that I would not be marrying a Chinese girl!

The more enlightened men of China--and the women--need to correct such men's faulty thinking and challenge his actual morals...or lack of.

Myself, I always criticize stupid American men who degrade women and are only interested in them sexually. Such men hate me, because I do not share their weaknesses.

I will say this last thing: any man who cheats on his wife or girlfriend should be seen as a criminal who is attempting to murder her, and he should be treated as such. I am completely severe punishment for this kind of immoral behavior. And, I think the law should apply equally for any woman who cheats on her husband. So sneaky, cowardly, and low!

If you can't be monogamous, then at least be honest! Have the courage to confess what you have done, rather than to take the chance on giving the person who loves you a disease that will kill them!

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she will be forget soon

She will be forget soon, though she have came to the top, but by fair means or foul, too lavatorial. If I wana search a callet, but I don't think her, because she is too ugly!! (face and soul)

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