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US-led 4 nation core group dissolved --- A failed attempt to sideline UN [Copy link] 中文

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After days of delay in response to tsunami disaster, USA scrumbled to finally got $350 millions out and at the same loudly annouced a US-led 4-nation core group to head the rescue and relief effort, obviously an effort to sideline UN. While it wants to have a lead role image it fears for its responsibility, and its core nations are sacred too.

So yesterday, only a few days after its annoucement of the core group Collin Power said US is dissolving the core group because its mission is accomplished.

Is it really mission accomplished?  
US dissolves tsunami aid "core group", agrees to work under UN

JAKARTA : The United States is to dissolve the "core group" of nations it formed to expedite aid for victims of the Asian tsunami disaster and would work under the United Nations.

Secretary of State Colin Powell also told an international conference the United States would likely increase its commitment of aid but announced no new figure beyond the current 350 million dollar pledge.

Powell moved to end any lingering confusion from the US move last week to form a core group with India, Japan and Australia to expedite relief efforts after the mammoth earthquake and tsunamis that killed some 150,000 people.

"The core group helped to catalyze the international response," he said in prepared remarks. "Now having served its purpose, it will now fold itself into the broader coordination efforts of the United Nations."

President George W. Bush's administration had taken the initiative after early criticism that it was slow to react to the December 26 earthquake and tsunamis that hit 11 Indian Ocean countries.

Some saw the four-nation group, later joined by Canada and the Netherlands, as overlapping or competing with the United Nations, which traditionally has taken the lead in coordinating international responses to disasters.

After a high-level video conference between US and UN officials last Thursday, Washington acknowledged the umbrella role of the world body and said its own initiatives were "complementary."

Powell, who is on a three-nation tour of tsunami damage and relief operations along with Bush's brother Jeb, did not elaborate on the reasons for disbanding the group.

"We recognize that the governments of the affected nations have the primary role in rebuilding their countries," said the chief US diplomat, who is due to step down in the coming weeks.

"But in the face of a disaster of this immensity, international help and cooperation is crucial. The United States welcomes the coordinating role of the United Nations."

He said UN Secretary General Kofi Annan "can count on our full support. We look forward to participating in the UN Donors Conference in Geneva on January 11."

Leaders of the countries worst affected by the catastrophe, including Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand, had pressed at the Jakarta conference for UN leadership of the reconstruction drive.

Hatsuhisa Takashima, spokesman for Japanese Foreign Minister Nobutaka Machimura, said that in the face of such pressure, "the role of the so-called core group is expected to be transferred to the United Nations."

In Washington, a senior State Department official said the intention had always been for the core group to coordinate emergency aid work only in the immediate aftermath of the tsunamis.

Speculation had mounted before the conference whether the United States would raise its 350 million dollar aid commitment after moves by Australia to boost its pledge to 764 million and Germany to over 600 million.

"In all likelihood our contribution will be revised upward as the full effects of this massive tragedy can be better assessed," Powell told the afflicted nations.

"resident Bush wants you to know that you will have the full support of the United States as you go through the process of relief, recovery, and reconstruction," he said.

But Powell announced no new figure for US aid. He and other US officials have said that only 40 million of the 350 million dollars pledged had actually been allocated and the challenge was now to expedite delivery of relief goods.

The US secretary of state told the conference that some 200 million dollars in private donations had been raised in the United States and he stressed the massive relief operation mounted by the US military.

He said more than 14,000 military personnel were dispatched to the region, along with a carrier group, an amphibious group, helicopters, supply and patrol planes and ships able to supply tens of thousands of gallons of fresh water. - AFP

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No, its mission is not accomplished

UK immediately responded that UN should lead the effort; Even Lackey Japan said UN should lead.

That's the story.

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There was no attempt to sideline the UN

Normally I won't defend the U.S because I can't stand the government and majority of the people but they could see that the UN were taking too long and decided to do something.  Their objective was not to sideline the UN but to help the people of the nations in trouble by the disaster.

Can't you leave politics aside for the moment and actually be happy that they took action so quickly.

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No, it's the truth

Are you a new comer or just a new handle?

US didn't respond quicker than UN. Bush was having his holiday good time in his ranch without uttering a word for 3 days after the disaster. US' response was slow and stingy at the begining, was criticized by UN, the international community, including American people.

Don't try to change the basic facts. Nothing politics.

Only after Bush realized it was an opportunity to change its imagie as so many pointed out including American media, US stepped up its effort, donation went to $350 millions and sent out Jet Bush and Collin Powell for a tour, at the same time annoucing the 4-core group thing.

It's NOT faster than UN and many other countries at all. But even before the photo show is over, the 4-core group collapsed.

Because people don't trust US any more. No suport from european countries, no support even from Japan, the lackey. Iraq has told the world what's US Bush government all about. Enough is enough.

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Be fair to the USA. We responded very quickly and still have teams of medical as well as logistical experts still over there. We are giving the U.N. the $350,000,000 to disperse fairly and equally. The U.N. has now $2,000,000,000 in total. Want a them.
We are somewhat busy now. We have the birth of another new healthy democratic country about to be born.

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Silly fish is busy covering up his embarrassed face, that's for sure

The topic is not about who donates how much, it's about the fact US-led 4-core nation group collapsed, I mean collapsed. Do you know what does that mean? It means your Bush's effort to sideline UN failed, failed miserably.

Of course you are even busier in messing up ‘democracy’ everywhere around the globe. How many governments you have elected? Who doesn't know what you do?

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difference between quick and quicker

Firstly I did not say they responded quicker.  I said "quick response".  That does not imply quicker.

Second it was stated from the beginning it was not an attempt to sideline and Bush went to the U.N about it before he did it.  Like I said before, I don't usually side with the U.S and this is most probably the last time I will since it is rare I agree with them but I personally thank them for getting the ball rolling.  People need the money and help and that is what they are getting.

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