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Will there be a Shenzhou 13? Should be,right? Chinese are not superstitious... [Copy link] 中文

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No wonder your name is 69

You deserve a 69.

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That is silly.

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It's not silly - have you read Lost Moon or seen the movie Apollo 13?

The American spaceprogram had Mercury and Gemini first but they never got to 13.  When they had Apollo, there was a lot of talk about skipping 13 and going directly to 14.   Did you ever notice that no American buildings have a 13th floor???

Anyway, NASA diliberately went with 13 to show how foolish everyone was and to say " this is silly" to everyone.  Well, we all know what happened to Apollo 13.  So the question is will Shenzhou skip 13 if it ever gets there or will they do what NASA did and just say "everyone is silly".

I am not really superstitous myself but why tempt fate?

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This is almost the most idiotic thing on the whole forum, but anyway...

... I'll bite.

During the Apollo period NASA practised what was known as "all-up" testing. This means that all of the changes, etc. that they made between every mission to upgrade the flight hardware were simply flown, live, on the next mission.

This sounds like lunacy (pun intended) until you realise that there were so many backups and failsafes that they could almost guarantee the safe return of the astronauts after the failure of any one of the major components.

Apollo 13 was no different. There was a bunch of new hardware on the flight. And, somewhere in the darkness up there, something punctured a tank, and it all looked like it would be horrible for a while.

But the story of Apollo 13 is not that it was number 13, or that there was a fault. The story of Apollo 13 is that the astronauts made it home. Safely. All of them.

In fact, if my memory serves me correctly, Schweikert went on to pilot the first Shuttle mission.

So, so much for the "curse of 13". There were faults on many of the Apollo missions, including on 11, where Neal Armstong had to reach out at the very last minute and override the landing computer and land the thing manually. The computer was going to put them down on top of a boulder.

And yet no one talks about the "curse of 11"...

You know, tall buildings in the US, every single one of them, DO have a 13th floor. It's just that someone has numbered it "14".

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More on Apollo 13

I lived on Long Island in 1967 and as am employee of Grumman Aerospace working on the LEM  my father had to relocate my family to Cape Canaveral the following year.

The problem that occurred on 13 was an electrical short during a stir of the oxygen and hydrogen tanks late in the flight.  It was an oxygen tank that exploded impacting both life support (breathable air) and electrical power (H2/O2 Fuel cells).  The explosion also damaged the main engine on the Service Module and part of the heat shield.  The design for the system (oxygen tank assembly with stirrer) that malfunctioned had been used on several previous missions and was not a new design.

Anyway, the point of the original post was not to debate the whether or not Apollo 13 was "doomed" from the start but to examine the culture around superstitions in China and the USA.  

The space program was driven by scientists and the superstitions surrounding Apollo 13 were ridiculed by members of NASA.  In fact, Apollo 13 was launched at 13:13 Houston time when this time could have easily been changed if there was any concern about numerology.

Still, buildings are designed by Engineers and Architects and they do not LABEL a 13th floor so even scientists still give in to popular opinion or worries sometimes.

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I know about it...

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