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Inner Mongolia in China is being assimilated by Han. [Copy link] 中文

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Dear friend,

Inner Mongolia ,working as such a picture as you imagining-grassland,groups of horses,sheep ,and Mongolians wearing Mogolian gown singing Mongolian song happily.What is the reality?I want to tell the tuth now that I have been living here over 30 years.

Neimenggu is short for Inner Mongolia Autonomous region. It lies in the northern border in China, has an area of 1.1 million square kilometers, and with a population of 2.3 million.To surprising is Mongolian only accounts for 15 percent of the whole population,that is to show Han stands for 80 percent of the whole one.In some regine ,for the middle of Inner Mongolia,the percentage are even less than 3 percent!!!!!!!You can imagine what the reality means -only 15 person are Mongolians in the 100 person.

the real situation is more worried,some of Mongolians can not speak their mo ther language _Mongolia now that they accept Hanis culture since their private school.And sone of them are half Mongolian-their father or mother are Hans ,even their grads!Owing to Mongolian advantage politic(may have the second baby,and can add 10 scors when taking part in college entrence exam).

The grassland is not the real.When you travel Inner Mongolia by train from Jining to Hohhot even to the west ,you can only see nothing but the farm allover.You must go more than 2 miles northern to look at the imaging "grassland".In a matter of fact,South of Inner Mongolia(IM) covers by farm,only in north so far taht you can see the grassland.

The grassland is not as you imagine as you can.Many person living in grassland are not Monglian instead of Han .And real Mongolian don't live in Mongolian house (calling "Ger")but the popular house ,expect little remote regine near frontier.Nor do Mongolian wear Mongolian gown but Hanis clothes ,expect little remote regine near frontier.Neither do Mongolian drive sheep by horse instead of motor ,and some rich Mongolians don't drive their sheep any more but hire Hans do it.Almost every Mongolian can speak CHinese ,some of them don't speak Chiunese in grassland  in public.

Now you see,Mongolia is never as  imagining as you can .Inner Mongolia is a place just-most of them are Hans,some of Mongolians can not speak Mongolian,Mongolian don't live in Mongolian house any more and don't wear gown,Some of IM are the same as farm ,and Mongolian drive sheep group by motor .

In short ,Mongolian is being assimilated  by Hanis culture.Some of my Mongolian  friends told me that Mongolian will become Hans at all in 50 years.And at that time do Inner Mongolian will become the second Liao Ning( There are many ManZou ethic 100 years ago,and now it is full of Hans).

That is what I will tell you the reality in Inner Mongolia.

Happy to await for your responces.

friendly Tom

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Han Migration

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Hi Tom

Mongolians in IM live in a country of 1.3 bln people. This is a nearly physical law of pressure distribution to move Hans onto the teritories of other peoples. Mongolians have this luck ,that they have their own country ,thus they are not doomed to vanish entirely.
Cntrl gvmnt is naturally not interested to uphold different nations in economically important areas. As you know, the empires were falling down when peoples living there wanted to govern themselves one day..
It is therefore not natural for c gvmnt to help keep a potential future danger.
Some nations, which are small in number, living in less important areas - are treated as a folklore groups, and have a good chance to retain their culture. Manchus will be followed by other minorities , who will survive only in encyclopaedias. Sad but true.
Unless... they revere their heritage and create a system of institutions to cherish it, usually without greater cheering from the central force.

Is it good or bad that Mongolians "vanish". I am not in the position to answer it. They have to do it themselves.

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well, it's no news as such by any means.
Inner-mongolia and inner-mongolians underwent sinicisation quite soon after the joined Quing empire in 1640s.
Outer Mongolia was annexed by Quing Empire in another 50 years' time and still had a very nominal status as part of the empire. It was de facto independent, I mean Outer-Mongolia.

Inner-mongolia has already vanished and there' no need to "open your umbrella when the rain is long gone" - as mongols say.
Outer-mongolians are doing alright, even with the current economic downturn. They're doomed to survive.

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Free advice . If you want to live among a society with the majority as  Mongolian , just cross over the border and go into Mongolia proper . It is all barren and god forsaken there anyway . No one would notice or miss you . See
you alligator later .

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The starter of this thread is lying.

Native languange of Mongolian taught in national school in inner Mongolia.

The outer Mongolia that under Russian influence after separated from China has to learn slavic-based languange, abandoning their own.

We see today even the scholars from outer Mongolia has to come to China to learn their own ancestors' history.

See this? Even they have to learn in Chinese territory to know more about their own ancestry.

That symbolize Chinese success in ethnic policy.

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That's not even true. In fact, 90% of Mongols speak Mongolian, they just speak a different dialect and write the language in Cyrillic characters. People who go to China to learn Mongolian do so to learn dialects spoken in the Inner Mongolia Occupied Region which China should return to Mongolia post-haste.
"Justice prevails... evil justice."

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