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What does chastity mean to girls [Copy link] 中文

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Reply: What does chastity mean to girls

It depends on how you understand love.
Love is divine. If your bf really loves you and care you, he will think from your point. And if you love him as you said, you will also understand why he is eager for you.
In a general sense, love is the foundation of marriage. But no one can say if your love is a true one, or it is true, but not guaranteed to be true forever.
If you believe chastity is for your husband, then save it and wait. If you want to give virginity to the one you truly love and truly loves you, then not a big deal to make love with him. But make sure you will not regret.
Warm Regards.

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be careful!!!

8 months is not long enough to know a man!!!

please don't have a premarital sex with him unless you two have a difinite plan for a family in the future.

take him to your friends, and relatives and even to your parents, and listen to their opinions, too!!!

lovers are passionate at the beginning, men, especially, but love is to be sustained with responsibilty and capability.

sex doesn't mean marriage proposal to an indian or a foreigner from another culture. he may propose to you, but you should make sure if you want to accept his proposal or not??? a businessman travels around the does his love....

the following is a post of another poster i would like to forward  to you for your consideration:

I wouldn't visit India...if I didn't have any business there...
Personally, I have nothing against India. In fact, I have many indian friends BORN AND BRED in Singapore. I will be careful with indians BORN AND BRED in India though.

First of all, India is a big country and unlike China, is poorly managed.
Second, India has a very large population but unlike China, has no clear national strategies and ignores the poor while glorifying the rich.
Third, India has a corrupted regime (something which is common knowledge).
Fourth, Indian states are disunited and there are as many political parties as there as holes in a honeycomb. This constant power struggle drains the energy required for national development.
Fifth, India may be good for tourism (if you're into Indian culture and Buddhist relics), but for a Chinese to stay in India long-term, either you need to have a very strong stomach (indian cuisine may not be suitable for everyone) or you need to have very deep pockets (to pay/bribe whoever to get things done).

And mind you, it does take a long time to get things done... especially official matters (something of a bureaucratic vestige left behind by the British)...

I have visited Bangalore, Chennai, Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta etc... even Sri Lanka and Colombo... and unless you have a Pakistani's resolve and the Tamil Tiger's fiery temperament, it will be hard to tame the Indian pussycat.

(the end)

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Sex before marriage...

Let me tell you a story about sex before marriage:
I met a girl and we moved in to an apartment together.  She went with   her sister to get birth control pill, but came home with no pills. I tried to be careful, but she got pregnant and I married her.
Four years later I applied for a very good job. I was very happy to earn lots of money  to support my family.
By accident I discovered my boss used to date my wife, and have sex with her. I felt very uncomfortable knowing this truth.
Finally I was so embarrassed, I left and took a lower paying job. My wife was mad because there was no longer much money. We had many fights and got a divorce.
  After the divorce I was no longer ashamed to be married to her, so I went and got the high paying job back. Me and my boss are now best friends, and my divorced wife has turned into a fat drunk and has no hope of marriage.
  I kept my child and raised him alone.
  Men want sex from women. But for a woman they marry, the want a VIRGIN!

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What will men do when they really love a girl

Thanks a lot for all.
Can someone tell me what will men do when they really love a girl?
Somebody says men need two girls, one for soul, one for body. Can't men survive without sex? Love without sex is unacceptable and unendurable to men? Will men doubt your love if you refuse to have sex?
Or just the fact, Love involves sex?

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to soniye

I'm not encouraging you to have sex with him if you are not sure if he loves you or how your future will be. But here is some words to share with you which you'd better consider when you are sure about your love

Only when a man has sex with a woman can he feels the greatness of his love.
When a man is depressed, he relieves himself by having sex.
In brief, sex is a way a man thoroughly expresses himself, from body to soul.
Things are quite different for a woman. She wants to be loved even without sex, sex only comes automatically.
So love without sex is not perfect

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Indian society

Hello Soniye,
Do you understand the Indian culture and how the men and women think? In the Indian culture, the women must keep themselves "chaste and pure" until the day they get married. They must also give a "dowry" (money or in kind) to the husband. In simple terms, the woman must be a virgin for the husband and bring money into the marriage. If the women is discovered to be not a virgin, she will suffer terrible consequences. She will be even ostracised from the in-laws and her own family. If anything goes wrong, it is usually the woman's fault. Many Indian women suffer such inequality. If you think the chinese culture is unfair to the women, the indian culture is even worse. The women are not allowed to mix around with men but the men are allowed to go and fool around with other women. Even doing so, they still want a virgin woman to marry to.
When you mention that this man is Indian and a businessman, I think you have to be doubly careful. He should be able to understand why you want to avoid sex until you are married. His culture has the same kind of practice. He demands that you must sacrifice in the name of love by having sex with him. What is his sacrifice? I think he just want to satisfy his lust for your body and make a score. As you have said, many girls follow after him. How do you know he has not have sex with these girls? Don't get muddled up with your emotions. Discuss this with your good friends before you do anything. I hope this helps.

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sex with a man you are ignorant of his background is neither safe nor a token of

it is impossible for you to know this businessman well!!! you think you know him, but your information about him is only told by him!!!

you must be moved by his passion!! or be moved by the feeling of being loved.

but to give your body to a man you think you love is not sensible at all!!!!

He will soon get tired of you once he has sex with you, but you will become addicted to him. but such a man, in my opinion, is not a good choice at all!!!

any good young man should first of all understand his girlfriend and understand the culture she is in. He may appears to be wronged or hurt if you refuse him now, but don't have any sympathy on such a villian.

you should learn how to refuse others!!!! don't do it only for him, but for yourself, first and foremost!!!!

if he still insists on having sex now, you can reject him firmly!!!

this can be a test to see if he is a good man or not!!!

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