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Chinese girls chasing after white boyz !!! Good or shameful? [Copy link] 中文

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Reply to my view

Well said sister.  Thanks!  Take care!

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Hey HKSOshorty: Exotic means having goat head soup and Duck penis stew?

They are foreign to Chinese, I think.

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To Air-Farce-Vet

A Big Mac's exotic to a peasant from the Xinjiang boondocks, mate.

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I am one of those girls. So what!

I am one of those girls you see on the street caring the arm of a white guy with a big smile on my face.  Whether you think  I am good or shameful, I don't really give a damn.
I dated mostly western guys since  I live in the west. I also dated Chinese guy too. But he told me he needed to go back into the ancient time to look for his wives. ( That is abosolutely the truth. Those are the exact words he said. Notice he said wives.) He was not joking. He broke up with me & is enjoying his single life with multipul sex partners hoping one day his ancient Mr. Ringts will come back to life & marry him. But the guy who I am holding his arm right now just loves me the way I am. He loves me even though I laugh out loud with food stuck between my teeth; he loves me even though he caught me picking my my nose; he loves me even though I sometimes skips showers; he loves me even though he has to cook & do laundry for me; he loves me even though he has to endure chinese food every time we go out... Yes! I do feel special. Because he adores me, he respects me, & he doesn't see me as yellow, white or black. He sees me as me! And, I love him! Oh yeah! Very much so. If anybody has problem with that I will suggest he go back to his drawing board & invent a time machine so that he can go back in time and have all the beautiful chinese women you want!

PS. My brother only dates virgins & my dad has mistress. My type of family is China is not unusal.

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That is a side I heard more about latly .. some chines men have somone else outside the marriage and find nothing strange with that, it seem perfectly fine for many of them.

Still they have time to complain about girls that are interested in people from west, of course its normal that men think they can do as they like and women need rules to live by but still, where are the moral in that

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Without true love, any marrige would be all disgusting!

Esp. for the inter-state marriage between low-heart Chinese girl and seducing Western white !

It's really funny. Whoever support cons or pros, ludicrously each side only wanna fit on his own shoes and don’t pay more care with others’ background and value! As a Chinese guy, I can tell what some Chinese girls humiliate for themselves! Making advances to whites at all costs, even with acting like a dirty-cheap slut, really sucks! What they did disgraced everything and everyone they ever owned!

I’d like to admit, every ppl has his right to choose the way going life and making living, but tho, please let be for your motherland and compatriots! Keep head to think it over, for such a white of a poor apology, for such a crap shot to go aboard, for such vain luxury, to pay whole life, even human dignity, is that a bit worth?

In the internet, there’re mega of pictures to show the sino-international marriage, many of which are made up by young chinese girl and old western nitwit. Suppose a yellow-skin, black-eye and blond-dyed young chinese girl like a showoff takes the arm of an ugly exotic dirty-old white in the noisy Manhattan street (or in the stinky and gross bed)!!! Anyone who did that must have a few buttons missing. All the better, the out-of-date Chinese female singer Wei Wei set a GOOD example for us, after the love-at-the-first-sight and honeymoony marriage had been on the rocks, she went to got divorce with her old and poor Swedish “Mr. Right” in recent days!!!

Some whites would like to say, "Oh, crap! It's sheer a lie, because my chinese girl and I got along very well for quite a long time!---"  Is the  seeing truth exactly real for sure, every bit like he said???  Oh, no, gimme a break, okay? It's really nil and nothing that a couple appear to be amiable and smiling on the surface, with the affectional gaps having existed! If not true, but why that kind of chinese girl didn't show her blue face with her white hb or bf all the day? It’s so weird? Absolutely not!

This phenomenon would be originated from the culture difference between Oriental and Western. As a rule, western women were brought up to go for and then insist on their right and priority, even the feminist privilege, while keeping silent suffering any unfair and mistreat is supposed to be incredibly stupid. But, meanwhile, their peers in China didn’t do so. Chinese female are born to be as doormat ( sorry, a bit harsh here), when following his hb like a sheep is regarded as a chinese traditional virtue!

The aforesaid phenomenon could also explain why the western country always like to finger at the problem of human right of China: what we take for granted is prejudiciously judged as inconceivability and abnormality! How silly!!!

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raydiamond -- What a hysterical and racist load of crap.

You really must suffer from low self-esteem, you sad wanker.

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