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Chinese girls chasing after white boyz !!! Good or shameful? [Copy link] 中文

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Don't be stereotyped anymore!!!

Dude, I wonder how often such topic occurs on this borad. What's the next? Don't be stereotyped anymore!!!!!

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Chinese girls chasing after white boyz !!! Good or shameful?

Whether "good or shameful" depends on intentions. If the girl pursues for love, it's good. If she pursues for only money, it could be regarded as shameful.

  I read some information that may provide a clue to why they (Chinese girls) may chase white guys. In Eastern Europe (Russia), where most are white, the girls can tell a Western (American) man buy his actions. In the market he is jovial and speaking friendly to everyone.
In other words, he has less "hangups" then the locals. Perhaps these Chinese girls can sense something in white guys, that's not found in many Chinese men?

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airforcevet is fishing

don't fall for the bait


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couldnt agree more

most chinese girls aren't into foreigners so I can never understand why chinese guys have such a big chip on their shoulder about this, there's 600 million chicks in china FFS

Theres plenty to go around, couldnt agree more.....I too am getting sick of these race threads, getting a bit tiring now....

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Not racist, Just curious.....

I could see where you would think that this thread is racist, but I see this as an occurance that is almost exclusive to the chinese people. No joke.

So many comments about it in Canada and the US by everyone. How can you not see it? Nothing wrong with 2 or 4 or 6 races getting together, but why is it so common among the Asian girls and white guys??

Just curious. Not racist, or hurt, or missing my girlfriend.

I've dated all races (except Mongolian, Tibetan was done in Dehli!)

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i dont think chinese girls from welathy and well educated families will date white trash, and their parents will not allow that as well. Most women in UK want a british guy just they dont want to go back to China. And left ones will not like u since british men are pretty cold and boring in my mind

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Yeah I can't be bothered to reply to any of these prats. It's so sad when people make mountains out of molehills. I dunno. Perhaps they can't get any and blame it on us. Or they're bitter because an ex-gf left them for someone else.

See you reasonable people around.

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