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what do you find the most stupid things in China? [Copy link] 中文

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Every coin has two sides.How do you only know that?

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I don't know wrong with you or how you get this idea into your head.  Don't overgeneralize issues based on some random account.  How would you feel if other people tell you men from your country are mistreating their women?  You definitely need to go out more often.

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pet peeves

this thread seems to more or less naturally center around what are foreigners' pet peeves about China.

all in the name of love and understanding between the civilisations of the world, here's my sixpence worth:

* the toilet thing used to be my personal horror but I have found there is in fact a way out, at least in cities: take mental note of the locations of fancy hotels, KFCs and shopping mall and head there.   but 'trainspotting' still seems less of a fiction here than back home.

* these days I find the most grating thing is the small but significant minority who think it is OK to holler 'hello' at the top of their voices at any foreigner who happens to pass by, preferably from right behind their backs.
it is only really annoying when I happen to be tired or hungry or something of the kind though.

the supposedly 'male chauvinist pig' thing that others have brought up doesn't really strike me as typically Chinese - in fact in my impression it is quite an egalitarian culture as concerns men and women.  the preference for sons seems to be more about the fact that in old age people expect to be taken care of by sons and daughters in law.  

just yesterday though I was shocked to hear a Chinese girl whom I respect and appreciate very much express the opinion that it was kinda sad that men tell more to their female friends than to their lovers or wives, the topic of their one night stands and mistresses being excluded with the latter.  she took it totally for granted that *all* men cheat *all* the time.  astonishing.

she did however think it was exactly the same with western men - all men in fact.


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I love my motherland China, and want her to be an excellent country.

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to karenb

I agree with you at the first 3 facts you list. But as for the pregnant women not to have a bath, that's because people think it will be not good for the mother and baby. Most of the pregnant women in China only have one chance to give birth to their babies, they wont be hazardous to do the things that may be dangerous for the babies and themselves.
In addition, the western and estern women are different from each other not only in physical conditions, but also in many other fields. That's not strange to see the living habits are different too.

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there are stupid things in china

i m a chinese , i love china,but there are lots of stupid things in china just like every country has. rome was not built in one day.i am glad to see china is changing very fast talking about stupid things in china ,i can know my country better,i can know what and where is wrong and then try to work hard to change it, there is no end.i also find although a lot of foreigners have been in china for quite a long time,they need to understand china and people better.for one thing ,some chinese are not real chinese.

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