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what do you find the most stupid things in China? [Copy link] 中文

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Hey, guys

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China is a wonderfull country and has many wonderful people, but there is one thing that is really stupid, and that is the way they drive in Beijing.

I do wish Chinese drivers would learn a better way to drive. They cause terrible traffic jams by this bad driving. For example, Chinese drivers do not obey traffic lights unless a policeman is watching. They do not wear seat belts unless they see a policeman.

Chinese drivers are not aware of the dangers of driving badly. On the road from my house to the centre of Beijing there are accidents caused by bad driving almost every day of the week, many of them fatal.

Bicycles are allowed on the road at night without lights. Stupid.

Cars often drive on the wrong side of the road. Stupid.

Cars often cross yellow lines and drive on the wrong side of the road when the traffic is heavy. Stupid.

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Yes, there are some things in China that are stupid

Don't get me wrong -- I love China, I really do.  The people are great, the food is great, and the scenery is awesome.

But there are some things here that just don't make sense to me:

1) Why do Chinese people always talk about the beauty of their country, the beauty of their city, etc., and then proceed to toss their trash all over the ground????  Don't they realize that this destroys the beauty? Don't the Chinese love their country?  How can they  do this to their own environment?  It's not just the country folk doing it either - I've seen plenty of  well-dressed urban people  doing the same thing.  

2) Cities like Chengdu, Beijing, etc. are great -- but why do the Chinese build factories in or next to the cities that pump out poisonous smoke that affects the health of all the residents and tourists?  I can't stay in Chengdu for more than a couple of days without getting a sore throat and a cough.  The Chinese are brilliant people -- but this is just stupid!!

3) Why do 90% of the Chinese men smoke even when they know it's harmful to their health???   If that's not stupid, what is?  I have lots of friends who say they don't really want to smoke, but feel they have to when they're around their friends.  When are Chinese men going to learn to be men, and put their own health in front of peer pressure?

4) And what's this about a woman just having a baby not being able to wash her hair for a month???  Some even don't permit a bath or brushing the teeth for a full month after having the baby.  Why would someone want to be that filthy when taking care of their new baby?  

Ok, Ok, I know this all sounds terribly ethnocentric, and I'm sure anyone who visits my home country would find plenty of truly stupid stuff.  But sometimes you just have to vent.

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It's not easy to resolve the mentioned problems in a short time.

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In reply to "robinhood"

I am late to make this response; I want to give my point of view to you. It might be the title (what do you find the most stupid things in China?) having some problems. I do hope it is not really your intention to trigger off an agreement of stupid.

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I will add this important one.

Far too many Chinese guys want naturally beautiful Chinese girls to go through cosmetic surgery after cosmetic surgery, so they will have a girl who looks just like a stupid blond American Hollywood actress!!!

And, after that, they want the girl to be a virtuous, traditional Chinese wife who will bear them their precious son. Then, they are too raise the child, do all of the housework, take care of the husband's elderly parents, aunts, uncles, etc.

Then, he wants her to sit at home while he goes out all night and has affairs with other girls!

I talk to so many broken-hearted, helpless feeling Chinese university girls and young graduates who are so frustrated about not being able to find a Chinese guy who will act in a non-traditional manner and love her natural beauty, her grace and charm, and her intelligence the way a good hearted, educated western guy would.

Chinese men are pushing away their beautiful women, such that they will marry a western guy, because he loves her for who she is.

All American guys are so perfect, but the well-educated ones do know how to treat a woman like a real person and to love her.

In the past, the men extolled the value of family, that there were no divorces. Well, women did not have the economic power to be more than a slave, so she was trapped to stay in misery and abuse. Now, the educated girls--if they marry a stinker--can get out of it FAST! They are no longer so stupid as to be beaten around, cheated on, and generally abused and left alone.

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a heated argument

TO Karenb

The answer to your questions is that Chinese like to follow others.People get used to and can endure these bad behaviours.The one who spit in street will think he's not the first,also not the last one,and should not be scolded.He may even think there are some much worse than him.

What do you think?

TO Blue Tiger

Hahaha,I see.You mean in China the most stupid thing includes being a Chinese man. Would you like all Chinese women to immigrate to U.S. or some other west countries?


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