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AM I walking on the roundabouts of looking for jobs? Awaiting advice! [Copy link] 中文

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Agree with wylusia

Yep I share your friends' words.

I'm now working in HR department, a job that has almost nothing to do with my major. I intended to leave as soon as I'm back fm the Spring Festival holiday, but I haven't quit so far resulted fm many factors.

One is that it's not easy to find a proper job soon, speaking of physical, psychological, n economical satisfation. For someone like me that has few close friends outside, it would also be a major problem to find a proper place 4 food and accomodation.

Another reason is that whenever I feel upset n depressed, I encourage myself not to give up. Unless one day I could pursuade myself that my leaving is only 4 the company's sake instead of my own, I could leave peacefully, without regret.

Of course it decides that whether u could adjust urself to this complex world, it's definitely hard to find a job that fits u 100%, or let's take it impossible. We have the right to complain, but at the same time, let's learn what's necessary to survive in this world. I mean, struggle tactfully.

Asking 4 more opinions,

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Hello friend -

Well, don´t worry friend......I think you are in the right way.

At first, I think it is important to work in different jobs, and to stay in different situation, at this way you can see how the life is, what kind of problems you find in the way, and this is the best  for learning to be better like a person. But it is true that you must follow your dream and go to the right place step by step to work where you want......

I am almost sure that dreams come true if you fight with your own,......

don´t worry......

for exemple, I am enginieur in telecomunications, the drummer is psicologist,  the bass and guitar are computer programmer, but we fight for take our dreams true, TO BE A VERY IMPORTANT MUSIC BAND IN THE WORLD.

We are in the way now, but it is difficult,.................FOLLOW YOUR OWN WAY, BECAUSE THE LIFE IS ONLY A SECOND , FRIEND.

Best regards,

Dreaming Days

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Double secrets of fortune

Yep, what u say is true, my friend.

I hope everything goes well with ur band (i suppose?), coz I love music so much that i take it part of my life. I'd like to recommend what I once read fm a book that "love to ur work and love to others are the double secrets of fortune". And what work means is to make us more mature in this world and much deeper in insight.

We 4 living in a fast-changing world, but I wish all friends changes to a better direction.

best of luck,

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Working for merely one year, I have felt so tired and without any passion in my first job.My major is Business English and I thought I could do some jobs relating to English.But after signing the contract with this company, I have found it was such a boring job. My daily work is arranging all kinds of documentation and files. I feel my passion and energy is shrinking. Even the steady salary of this job has lost its charm.

Now, I decide. I want to leave.But before leaving, I have to learn more English skills so that i could find a better job. Within this year, I would desert this company!

Anyway, take a second thought before dropping the current job.But once you find a better one, don't lose the chance~!!

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Why not earn your way using the internet.

Hi Vicky,

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