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By the end of this year,Tell me WHo is your favorite CCTV Host or Hostess for yo [Copy link] 中文

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i think he's the best one

jacqueline chen would be ok if she wasn't a skunk

oh yeah this

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Oh. Sorry, I have just finished giving a glance at each post.....Sorrry for that

CCTV-9 Broadcast to you Internationally??

Cctv Enjoyed a pool of expert in Language and Media broadcasting..

As someone mentioned about the mistakes they made, I think it is true.

But it is not very serious as someone young and new in CCTV need more practise to get perfect.....I  m sure before they anchor the programe, they have preparation for it and get advice and correctness from foreign expert, and sometimes they wear earset to get help in case of the serious mistake occure or something missed or ignored.

hehe. Everyone here seems to love Young and Charming Chinese ladies there. in contrast, I heard lots of voices from middle-aged women or old guys broadcasted by bbc or else.

is that very stressful to hold a progrom in a set part with certain lenghty time and things put in order and associate with cameramen.....

HEHE. what a bad thing to see  7,oclock news( zhong yan xin wen lian bo) Centeral and govermental news for some many years and let the news occupied such a golden time to rubbish at 7 oclock...

hehe i enjoyed ...Dragon or oriental News or some by hongkong..

And that is why CCCTV is losing its great host with great indi spirit to embrace  Hongkong Phenix..

By the way, Hongkong Phoenic established base in Eu...

and can you imagine if  hk ph employed  Foreignor to host Chinese langauge program and you will find more mistake..... fortunately, They don't do that...... HK ph have the department seperated and managed themselves in different area including  China and Taiwan

a mistake ...
hehe. Sometime cctv-9  dialogu.....The host Yang fu qing might invite some newmakers ,or event practitioner to the program who might not do well inenglish speaking such as a middleschool teacher or a english cup winner from school or some expert in agriculture ,those have no experience educated abroad and talked with foreignor much....

and CCTV encouraged the people to talk in dialog sometime to promote english speaking, and raise the awarness of something what is happening in china about......

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Re:WHo is your favorite CCTV Host or Hostess for you!

There are so many hosts in CCTV,they are all high-class hosts in China.We could not conclude who is the best hosts in CCTV.

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kate kui is simply disgusting, terrible,.

kate kui should get out of biz China, the program could be much better without kate kui's disgusting accent and poor english.

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The best of year 2005?

who are they for each awards again?

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Reply #10 underground's post

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Writer's real name is Lau Guan Kim.  lau_guan_kim is for commentary and analysis. He writes also under another alter ego jinseng. I will respond to good reasoned debate. Mudslingers shall be ignored. What I do not like are ignorance, stupidity, chauvinism and bigotry. The other party has as much right as I have until it resorts to insults and nuisance.

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as an ABC who's experience overt racism from the Chinese who kowtow to anything and everything white in employment considerations i just have to say that china's screwing itself over with hiring these unqualified numbnuts over well trained and qualified people of color (not necessarily overseas Chinese from Engrish speaking countries).

perhaps it behooves the racists in the media field to learn how to hold AUDITIONS?

FYI:  free engrish terminology of the day:

uhm, okay. i just had about enough of this Engrish/Chinglish fiasco that is the online Chinese attempt at communication. Specifically, all these ads are really confusing with their overt tones of discrimination. I am assuming there are no laws in China regarding discrimination based on skin color, so why not list your ads specifically stating white caucasians for those Engrish speaking jobs?

"Foreigner" can be mistaken for alot of people as there've already been a person from the Philipines complaining about racial discrimination; otherwise "westerner" is also misleading as those of us who aren't white nor caucasian get confused about that.

Think about it, it'll save everybody grief and time to just go ahead for your to say you want white caucasians in your ads.

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