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Here is one sentence:
Cats sometimes produce four or five young______.
A. at birth   B. at born  C. at the birth   D. at a birth

I look it up into my dictionary an got this sentence:
He had a baby at the (moment of ) birth.

So, which one is correct?


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I think C is ok

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I donot like ur tone. seneca

seneca, u have got wrong analysis of choices.
The right choice is "at a birth" means once time when something is born---一胎生几个。
What's more, at the birth is not wrong. I look it up into my dictionary, there is a sentence like this:

He got a baby at the (moment of) birth.

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None of these

Cats give birth to a "litter" of kittens.

Therefore the sentence should read "A cat can have four or five kittens in one litter."

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Reply: Help Me

Think it should be    at a birth= at one birth

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Answer is A

The answers provided use the word "at". This word is a preposition, true, but we have two choices of the meaning of the word "at". These two meanings are location, and time.

We know, or can look up the word "born" and find it is not a location, nor is it an event. It is a action word, a verb or adjective, so we can remove it from consideration.

All the other answers all use the word "birth". If we use a dictionary, we realize the word "birth" is not a location, it is an event, which is a time related word. Even if it was not clear to you that it is a time related word, you will probably find it easy to recognize that it is not a location.
When using words related to time, or events, commonly we do not use the word "the" or "a".
When using words related to location, we do use words such as "the" or "a".

When trying to find the answer to any English question, it is useful to try to apply what you do know, to get a good guess at what you don't know. In this sentence example given, try to come up with similar sentences that you do know are correct. For example.....
The train arrives at eight p.m.
The bus is parked at the hotel.
The sun rises at dawn.
There are tigers at the zoo.
Can you meet me at dawn at the zoo?
Does your city have a zoo?
Many kinds of  animals are kept in a zoo.
There are many interesting animals at the zoo.
We left the zoo at noon to have lunch at the hotel.

Having said this, it is also true that some English speakers might use the word "the". This is because some words that are event (time) related can also be used as locations. For example...
The children are at school. (Meaning to learn or be schooled is the time period or event).
The children are at the school. (Meaning the location).
In this question, it would not be unusual to hear some one say "at the birth". This would be a regional difference between English speakers.

Why can't commonsense be used for the study of English? Because English is a mixture of languages and borrowed words, and there are many exceptions to the rules. We can apply a reasoning process, which is an acquired skill with practice. This is why people ask questions here, and we should each answer as best we can, which might provide some help to someone who is asking for help. All of us need help at one time or another for something.

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